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    The Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC) program is a character building course which seeks to develop an informed citizen with a strong sense of self-reliance, and awareness of citizenship responsibilities in today’s global society.  This is reflected in the AFJROTC mission, to “Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.”  The AFJROTC is designed as a four-year program.  Although participation in the entire program is encouraged, students may take one to four years if desired.

    Classes are fun, active and challenging.  Classes meet with the same frequency as other full-credit classes.  Regulation Air Force uniforms are issued free of charge and are worn by most cadets once each week and for appropriate cadet functions.  Appropriate military protocol is followed in the classrooms.  Field trips to various military and aerospace facilities are taken throughout the year to observe military and civil aerospace operations first hand.  Supervised orientation flights aboard military aircraft are offered when available from supporting military bases.  The cadet corps color guard and drill teams compete against other JROTC units throughout the region and perform at school and community events. Cadets may be offered opportunities to attend Summer Leadership Schools and Summer Honors Programs.  Corps activities and class work are designed to build camaraderie among the cadets, and students are given the opportunity to build on their social and leadership skills in a variety of challenging and enjoyable activities.


    Students do not incur any military obligation with Junior ROTC.  Further, the AFJROTC program is not a recruiting platform for the U. S. Military Services. Eligible students that complete a minimum of two years in AFJROTC can have a competitive edge for ROTC college scholarships, service academy appointments, and enlistment in advanced pay grades should they desire to pursue those options.  ROTC college scholarships typically pay for tuition, fees and books.  In addition, scholarship recipients each receive a tax-free monthly stipend (spending allowance) of $300 to $500. 

    Any Parkwood students wanting to take AFJROTC need only sign-up for it as their primary elective course. The introductory courses are Journey into Aviation History I and II.

    Feel free to contact us for more information.

    Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
    Lt Col Eric Kelly (USAF-Ret)

    (704) 764-2900 ext 3394

    Aerospace Science Instructor

    SMSgt William Reid (USAF-Ret)

    (704) 764-2900 ext 3376



AFJROTC Special Announcements


    Special recognition for individual or flight performance went to the following CLS cadets:

    • Patrick McCann: Outstanding Flight Cadet
      Gillian Gay, Melanie Gutierrez, Averi Lavoie and Ava Yardley: Honor Graduate
      Bryson Farmer: Advanced School Outstanding Flight Cadet 
      Tyler O-Donnell and Liam Thomas: Outstanding Flight Cadre
      Kimberly Jackson and Daniel Tarr: Outstanding Logistics Officer
      Drew Harms: Outstanding Evaluator
      Bryson Farmer and Da'ron Perry: Advanced School Distinguished Graduate
    • Also Graduating: Avery Batts, Bailey Belk, Mary Doms
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