Daily Announcements

  • All current students can access student announcements through their Canvas Accounts or in Google. These are only accessible by current PRHS students using their UCPS account. 

    Daily announcements are available using several communication channels:

    1. There will be an announcement link posted in all students' Canvas courses.  These announcements are updated daily and all students should review the announcements daily.
    2. Daily announcements will be made on the school PA system.
    3. Some announcements are posted to the Porter Ridge website homepage in the Announcements section.
    4. Some announcements may be posted on social media: @PorterRidgeHSNC

    Please note that all teachers have access to the announcement form to add announcements. If you are a member of a club, please speak to your advisor.  Announcements must be approved by administration before they are posted. Only school-based or school-affiliated announcements are accepted.

    If a student or community requests an announcement for a non-school-affiliated event, the administration will review the request to ensure it is school-appropriate and, if approved, will post the announcement on a community announcement location in the school building.