Junior/Senior Prom Information

  • 2019 Prom Information

    Prom 2019

    • April 13, 2019
    • Hilton Charlotte Center City
    • 8 p.m.-Midnight

    Hilton Charlotte Center City is located at 222 E. 3rd Street, Charlotte. Students will not be able to leave the venue once they have arrived. We will have teachers, security and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers to chaperone. Parking is available at the Hilton Charlotte Center City Garage at the same address for $7.

    Things to Know:

    • There will be desserts served for students to enjoy throughout the evening.
    • There will be a free photo booth that students can use as many times as they would like.
    • The Prom King and Queen will be crowned at 10 p.m.


    Ticket Information

    • 1st Week of Sales-Feb. 25th-March 1st-Seniors $60.00; Juniors $70.00
    • Last Week of Sales-March 18th-22nd-All Tickets $75.00 each
        • No refunds will be issued, (unless there is a medical issue and a doctor's/hospital note as to why student cannot attend the prom) and these must be approved by the administration.
          • Students may not re-sell their prom tickets unless they:
        1. FIRST clear the matter with the Prom Committee sponsor, Ms. Lukasik, as all tickets will have a name on the ticket that must match the ticket holder's Photo ID.
        2. If a ticket is re-sold, the previous ticket holder and the new ticket holder must make sure this is changed in the Prom Ticket spreadsheet by talking to the Prom Committee sponsor, Ms. Lukasik. NO LATER THAN APRIL 5th.
    • If you do not have a PHOTO ID, make plans to attain one before the night of prom on April 13th. At the door, each ticket must be presented with a photo ID to be able to enter the dance.
    • ALL GUEST FORMS for non-PRHS guests must be accompanied by a clear copy of the guest's Driver's license or photo ID to be approved. No Guests older than 20 years old will be approved.
    • ONLY Seniors and Juniors may purchase tickets and take one guest.
    • Students may not purchase tickets for someone who is not their guest. In other words, you may not purchase a ticket for a sophomore or freshman who wants to go to the prom, but is not your guest.
    • Sophomores and Freshmen must be accompanied by a Senior or Junior as their guest.
    • Students may only purchase two tickets-- their own ticket and their guest's ticket


    Important Notes:

    ONLY Porter Ridge Juniors and Seniors may purchase tickets for the Prom. Student's from other schools (not Porter Ridge students) must be a guest of a Porter Ridge Student and 20 years of age and under.

      • Taking A Guest:
        • All non-PRHS guests will have to be approved by the administration by March 22nd. The dance guest form will be in the office beginning February 1, 2019. If you are bringing a guest who is not a Porter Ridge student, you must fill out one of these forms.
        • Guests include any high school student who does not attend Porter Ridge High and/or any person not over 20 years of age. Guest forms must be accompanied with a copy of the guest's driver's license. Each guest is approved or denied by the PRHS administration. These forms are available in the Main office or can be downloaded here.
        • No one over 20 years of age will be allowed to attend as a guest.
    • Formal Dress:
        • This is a school function and dress codes and behavior policies apply.
        • Attire for the prom should be respectable.
        • Suits/Tuxedos (shirts must be worn at all times) for males. 
        • All dresses must be school function appropriate.
        • If you have a question about the appropriateness of your dress, please see Dr. Fisenne, Dr. Radke or Ms. Lukasik.
    • Getting In At The Prom
      • All students and guests must present their current License or identification card and name must match the name on the ticket. (Student's and guest's names will be printed on the back of their ticket-so, tickets may not be given or sold to a third party without the school's Prom Committee sponsor having prior knowledge. The name would need to be corrected before the day of the prom.) If a student or their approved guest does not possess a driver's license or ID, they must see Dr. Fisenne before the day of the prom to get a written note from him to enter prom.
      • Prom begins at 8 p.m. and ends at 12 a.m. Once students and guests leave the prom, they will not be allowed to re-enter (They cannot go to get something out of their car or put something back in their car.) Security will be at the entrance with our administrators. Administrators and faculty chaperone the prom.
      • Prom Etiquette and Behavior:

        Each student should dress in formal attire and appropriately for their age.

        • School and County Code of Conduct applies for this school event.
        • A school administrator and a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer will be at the door to greet each student as they enter the prom venue.
        • Student’s who leave the prom early will not be allowed to return to the dance as there is absolutely no re-entry.
        • There will be faculty chaperones, all four administrators and 2 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers at the prom.
        • Students should arrive NO earlier than 8 p.m. when doors open, and the prom is over at midnight.
      • Parking or Drop Off/Pick Up :
        • Parking is available at the Hilton Charlotte Center City located at 222 E. 3rd Street, Charlotte.
        • If students are being picked up after prom, their ride must be there at or before 12 a.m.
    • Prom Pictures
        • A professional photographer will be set up to begin taking prom photos at 8 p.m.
        • It is usually best to go ahead and have pictures made as students enter.
        • We will be providing the FREE Photo Booth again this year for students and they are welcome to take as many fun freestyle photos as they would like during prom with their friends. This booth was a big hit at last year's prom!
        • There will be a brochure with photo packages and pricing given to each student when they receive their prom ticket packets.
    • Receiving Prom Tickets
      • Students will be receiving prom tickets in a packet on Wednesday, April 10th.
      • Students will report back to their homeroom at the end of the day and be given a packet with their prom tickets, directions and photo brochures.
      • Any student absent on this day may pick up their prom ticket packet in the main office on Thursday, April 11th. If a student cannot pick up their prom ticket packet, a family member may come by the school and pick up the packet for them. The family member will be asked to sign a form that they picked up the tickets for that student.
      • All prom ticket packets must be picked up by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, April 12th.