Sophomore College Counseling


    Sophomore Timeline

    • Continue to enroll in challenging courses. Remember universities will look at your grades beginning in 9th grade. Consider taking Honors and/or AP level classes if you are recommended by your teachers and you believe you can be successful in them.
    • Continue to look for “study groups” within your classes.  Make friends with like-minded goals and interests.
    • Continue investing in clubs and/or sports. Pick activities you think you might like to stick with throughout high school.
    • Update your CFNC account and begin taking “virtual tours” of college campuses.  Research admissions requirements for universities you’re interested in.
    • Start using the free SAT and ACT test prep at
    • If interested, apply for the IB program:
    • Update your portfolio/resume. This should include awards, summer activities, jobs, volunteer hours, etc.
    • Summer activities: begin or continue volunteering for an organization you’re interested in; start preparing for the ACT and/or SAT; check out the Summer Opportunities page on the MRHS Counseling Website (posted toward the end of the school year) for study abroad/college immersion opportunities.

    Helpful Websites