Transcript Requests


    Transcript Requests


    Colleges and Universities have a variety of ways to apply and submit transcripts to their schools.  The best way to determine each school’s procedure is to visit the admissions page of the College/University’s official website.  Below are some guidelines for submitting transcripts that students commonly use here at MRHS.  More and more schools are utilizing their own portals or the application systems below that require digital uploading of the transcripts.  There is no charge to upload the transcripts in the ways described below or to the school’s own portal system. 


    IN-STATE APPLICATIONS:  If you are applying to an in-state college or university (public or private) or community college, please send your transcript through CFNC.  Students can create a free account at   This method allows you to send your transcript electronically and it’s FREE!  You will need to check your CFNC account shortly thereafter to verify that your transcript was successfully sent. This is the student’s responsibility.


    COMMON APPLICATION or COALITION:  If you are applying to a college or university through the Common App (whether in-state or out-of-state) or Coalition your school counselor will be notified to upload your transcript.  There is a field for you to enter your counselor’s email address; an automatic request will be generated to the counselor that will allow access to upload the student’s transcript. 


    SEND-EDU:  Some schools, both in and out-of-state, utilize this portal.  Much like the Common-App, when students enter their counselor’s email address, a request will be generated that will allow access for the uploading of the student’s transcript. 


    OUT-OF-STATE APPLICATIONS:  If you are applying to an out-of-state college or university and not using the Common Application/Coalition and the school does not utilize its own portal for uploading, you will need to request a paper copy of your transcript using the 2018-2019 Transcript Request Form.  The form can also be found in the school counseling office.  Submit your transcript request form and payment ($3 per transcript) to the School Counseling Office for processing.  We prefer that you make payment online at  Please print your online payment receipt and attach it to your request form.  Transcripts will be available within 5 days.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up their transcript and mail to the college/university.


    All transcripts for scholarship opportunities are FREE.  Please complete the Transcript Request Form.



    Please use the 2018-2019 Transcript Request Form for requesting a transcript for personal use.  You can pay the $3 fee online at  Please print your receipt of online payment and attach to your transcript request form. Please be sure to specify on the form whether you need an official or unofficial transcript.  Official transcripts are signed and sealed and unofficial transcripts are not.


    * * Students will receive a free unofficial transcript after each semester * *


     Counselor email addresses are as follows:

     Lori Sgan, students with last names A-C and IB students:


    Margaret Trunk, students with last names D-K:


    Kersey Manning, students with last names L-Q:


    Carlee Wetzler, students wth last names R-Z:


    Dianna Weir, Guidance Secretary & Student Records