21 Ways to Tell You've Had Too Much AFJROTC

  • 1. Waking up before dawn feels natural. Warbirds Over Monroe Airshow
    2. When you hear the bell for class go off, you sit there for a few seconds and decide whether or not you have to stand at attention.
    3. You know classmates only by their last names.
    4. You maintain 40 inches back to chest whenever you walk with friends.
    5. You have heard at least 10 recorded versions of the National Anthem.
    6. You watch "Survivor Bootcamp" and laugh at their lack of stamina.
    7. Your friends find it hard to keep up with conversations that consist of words such as flight and insignia.
    8. You stand at attention when you aren't doing anything.
    9. Your natural walk now consists of to-the-rears and other flanking movements.
    10. The idea of people yelling in your face is no longer new or strange.
    11. You have an overwhelming urge to straighten the cashier's nametag at the grocery store.
    12. You get mad when you see movies where the military performs something wrong.
    13. You walk in step with your AFJROTC buddies. Field Trip lunch at Golden Corral
    14. You walk in step with your non-AFJROTC buddies.
    15. You begin calling it Rot-See.
    16. You spin everything in sight.
    17. You are bothered by people who obviously have never heard of a gig line.
    18. The hottest fashion trend - long hair and baggy jeans - just seems wrong.
    19. Group activities are now called missions.
    20. You cry when you see the color guard.
    21. You cry when you realize AFJROTC was the best thing to ever happen to you in high school.