About the Counseling Center

  • The Sun Valley Counseling Center has four full-time school counselors who are available to offer counseling to all students. The purposes of the counseling program are as follows:

    • To advocate for all students and to ensure that each student is maximizing their potential for success.
    • To help students feel "at home" in school.
    • To enable students to know themselves better by discovering their strengths and limitations.
    • To help in the choice of study, to prepare students for college, occupational training, or employment.
    • To inform students and teachers of requirements for college and for entering various professions, trades, and industries.
    • To provide help with personal problems, as well as academic concerns.

    Our Philosophy

    We believe that all students have the potential to become productive members of society. We also believe that it is our job (our obligation) as educators to help students realize their skills and develop these skills. Students should be given every opportunity to discover and enhance their talents. When students enjoy what they are doing (learning), then they will learn more effectively. Education is the most valuable and most influential gift that we can offer the students of our community and we look forward to assisting in this process accordingly!

    Our Mission

    • To be positive role models for students, teaching them vicariously as well as directly.
    • To provide and maintain a safe, structured environment for students to feel safe and to learn.
    • To not simply graduate all of our students, but to provide them with a viable plan for the future.
    • To instill a love of learning in our students so that they will become lifelong learners.
    • To develop Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships with our students and to make learning personal

    Our Focus

    • Personal development
    • Academic development
    • Career development

    Services provided through the Counseling Center

    • Individual counseling
    • Group counseling
    • College and career exploration
    • Consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators
    • Crisis intervention
    • Testing

    The State Board of Education approves new high school graduation requirements.