Information for Freshmen

  • Counseling Center Presentation for Freshmen

    9th Grade To-Do List:

    Ask most seniors what they wish they could do over to get ready for college, and they would reply with two statements:

    • I wish I had made better grades in my 9th-grade and 10th-grade years.
    • I wish I had been more active in community service and extracurricular activities.

    Hopefully, you will not make those two mistakes!

    Here is a list of things you should be doing to prepare for college admissions and scholarships in your freshman year:

    • Make the best grades possible. Colleges only see your final grades from 9th, 10th, and 11th grades; they do not see your report card grades.
    • Try to challenge yourself by taking honors-level classes, and if your teacher recommends them, AP classes. (Advanced Placement-college level/college credit classes)
    • Get involved!!! Extracurricular activities might not influence college admissions, but they are a deal-breaker when it comes to scholarships.
    • You need community service hours. Keep a calendar and every time you do something to help someone and you are not getting paid for it, mark the time and the service on your calendar.
    • Do your research! You need to be looking at colleges and scholarships now. Go to to research any NC college. To research out-of-state colleges, just google the name of the college.
    • If you do not do well on standardized tests, start preparing for the SAT and ACT now. You can go online to for study questions. See your guidance counselor for study information.
    • Watch your actions!!! Don’t do anything foolish that could negatively influence your recommendation for college. Be a rule follower.
    • Need help with anything? Have questions? See your guidance counselor.

    Things to know:

    • You must pass three out of four classes to get your driver’s license.
    • You can only miss 7 days in a class. If you miss more than 7, you do not pass the class. (Doctor notes are waived, BUT you have to complete and turn in a waiver form).

    Educational Opportunities Available  in Union County:  
    Application process for Central Academy of Technology and Arts, Union County Early College, and the International Baccalaureate Program.