•  There are 3 types of scholarships that students can apply for:

      • Institutional Scholarships- these scholarships come directly from the colleges that a student is applying/accepted into. All colleges list their scholarships on their individual website. The best way to find these is through a google search. Ex. “UNCW scholarships” “Davidson College scholarships”. These scholarships might require a separate scholarship application or may be provided automatically with acceptance.

      • Local Scholarships - these scholarships specific to SVHS, Union county, and our surrounding community. Most local scholarships start arriving in January through the Spring.

      • Private/Website scholarships - these scholarships are found through different websites such as the ones listed below.

    Focus most of your time looking for institutional and local scholarships and leave the website scholarship search for last!


      Check out the scholarship tab in Naviance for a complete overview of criteria and eligibility for local, private
      and institutional scholarships.

    May Scholarship Newsletter


    Tips for Finding Scholarships 

    Scholarship Websites:

    Major Scholarships 

     Each month our college adviser, Ms. Valerie Arias, compiles a list of scholarships that is sent out to the senior class via their school email. The monthly scholarship newsletter includes upcoming event dates, reminders, and scholarship information. Ms. Arias provides this information via email and has hard copies of each scholarship's info in folders in her office. Students must apply to each scholarship to be considered for the award. Please encourage seniors to check their emails and see Ms. Arias with any questions

    Scholarship Newsletter:


    January 2020 Scholarship Newsletter