•  There are 3 types of scholarships that students can apply for:

      • Institutional Scholarships- these scholarships come directly from the colleges that a student is applying/accepted into. All colleges list their scholarships on their individual website. The best way to find these is through a google search. Ex. “UNCW scholarships” “Davidson College scholarships.”  These scholarships may require a separate scholarship application, or scholarships may be provided automatically with acceptance.

      • Local Scholarships - these scholarships specific to SVHS, Union county, and our surrounding community. Most local scholarships start arriving in January through the Spring.

      • Private/Website scholarships - these scholarships are found through different websites such as the ones listed below.

    Focus most of your time looking for institutional and local scholarships and leave the website scholarship search for last!

      Check out the scholarship tab on the SVHS College Advising site for the college and scholarship search        process. It has great links and resources to get you connected with each piece of the application process.

    Mr. White, our college adviser, will send out a monthly college planning newsletter to student emails with information about the upcoming college application and scholarship deadlines, ACT/SAT registration opportunities, and upcoming events, among other essential information. Be sure to check out the website and the newsletter as your hub for completing the application process.

    UCPS Scholarship Search Database

    Scholarship Websites:

    Major Scholarships 

    Some regional schools offer full-ride scholarships to students who are selected through a rigorous application and interview process. Sun Valley must nominate only a small number of students to apply for these scholarships. If you'd like to be considered for one of Sun Valley's nominations, fill out the form below for the school(s) you are interested in attending. 

    UNC Charlotte Levine Scholarship - due Oct 2

    NC State Park Scholarship - due Oct 9

    NC A&T Cheatham-White Scholarship - due Oct 25

    NCCU Cheatham-White Scholarship - due Nov 1

    University of Virginia Jefferson Scholarship - due Nov 8

    Davidson College Belk Scholarship - due Nov 22

    Students will be notified about a week after the deadline if they are selected as the school's nominee, along with additional instructions for how to proceed in the application process. Our college adviser, Mr. White, will send out additional reminders as we approach these deadlines.

    Also, please note the upcoming deadlines for these other big scholarships:

    The Gates Scholarship - due Sept 15

    QuestBridge National College Match - due Sept 29

    Golden Door Scholars - no deadline set yet