Student Parking

  • Parking passes are available the week prior to school starting.  Seniors have priority and if they purchase prior to school starting may choose their parking spot. Juniors and sophomores may begin purchasing at the date and time below.  Once school starts students purchasing parking passes will be given the next available spot.  Once school starts parking passes are only sold during your designated lunch period and after school.  

    Be sure to see the link (Parking Permit Application) to read the numerous polices and procedures that go along with the privilege of having a parking pass.  

                 - pdf of parking permit application to print

    Parking passes will be available according to the following priorities and times:

    ? Seniors may purchase Tuesday 8/21 8:00 am—10:00 am or any time after this date/time

    ? Juniors and Sophomores may purchase Tuesday 8/21 10:00 am—12:00 pm or any time after this date/time

    ? All Student Parking Passes will cost $40. Students may not purchase a parking pass until all unpaid fees are paid. If you have questions if you have outstanding fees, please call the school office

    **Student MUST bring their valid, NC driver's license with them when they purchase a parking pass. Students must have their parent signature on the parking pass form when they arrive to purchase or they will have to come back on a later date. 


    Parking Permit Application 2018-2019