Driver Education

  • Driver Education Eligibility Certificate Guidelines

    Students should come to the Main Office for their eligibility certificate.  The following items must be brought with you. 

    1. Original or certified copy of student’s birth certificate (cannot be hospital copy).  A mother’s copy is unacceptable.
    2. Driver Education completion certificate.

    The best time to come by is before and after school each day to the main office.  If your parents plan to come, please call ahead to make sure the office is open to completing the DEC.  Parents do not have to come if you leave items 1 and 2 with the office.  You will be given the DEC form to take home and have signed.  After it is signed, return it to the office staff and they will make sure you have all the paperwork to go to the DMV.  DEC’s are only good for 30 days. 

    During the summer months, please contact the Main Office to make an appointment to receive your DEC.  You must bring 1 and 2 from above with you.

    To receive and keep a driver’s permit or license, a student must maintain academic progress, which means passing 70% or more of his/her classes per semester.  Once the student is eighteen years of age, the driver’s eligibility academic requirements no longer apply.  On the block schedule, a student must pass 3 out of 4 classes.  Hardship letters will be sent home before a permit or license is revoked by the school.  In addition, the “Lose control, Lose Your License Guidelines” are not in effect.  This law directs schools to report certain expulsions, long-term suspensions, and assignments to alternative schools related to the sale or possession of alcohol or illegal controlled substances, weapons or firearms on school property or physical assault on any school personnel to the NC Dept. of Motor Vehicles.  The license or permit may be revoked for one year.

    After the fall and spring semesters, students can have their permit or license returned if they meet the academic requirements, a new DEC is required.

    ***If a student takes a private driver’s education class and passes, he/she must take proof of residence to DMV with all other paperwork to get a permit.  He/She does not need this if they have passed Driver’s Education through Union County Public Schools.

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