Course Registration for Rising 10th-12th Grade

  • While this time period has ended we have preserved the resources on this tab for your reference....  Registration for the next year's courses occurs in early spring of each school year.   Scroll down to see valuable information about course progressions, opportunities, and pathways.


    Registration Instructions:

    Informational Material:


    • For the following applications/programs please speak to your counselor during your course selection meeting.  The counselor will then provide you with the link to the application/approval forms.  If you need the link at a time after your meeting, email your counselor and they can forward you the correct link.  Remember all course selections will need to go through your counselor. 
      • AP Courses, Health Science II, Yearbook Class, Media Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Teacher Cadet, Peer Tutor (specific HS course, Elementary Reading Buddy, Elementary Recreation Buddy, Elementary Math Tutor, Special Populations)
      • Flex period for seniors (second semester for seniors only)
      • Course Level Change (from HN to CP, for ex.)
      • PRHS and UCPS Career Academy applications
      • CTE Internship and CTE Co-op Marketing
      • End of Junior Year Early Grad and Senior Mid-Year Grad applications
    • Career & College Promise - rising juniors and seniors interested in taking college classes next year should contact their counselor and Ms. White  at  Must have a minimum 2.8 GPA.

    AP Capstone Diploma Program 

    - Click here for more information about the program.

    Porter Ridge High School participates in the AP Capston Diploma Program.  It's a two-year program based on two AP courses—AP Seminar and AP Research. Other AP courses teach you, in depth, about a specific subject, like Biology or U.S. History. AP Seminar and AP Research are different. They focus on helping you develop academic skills you can use in any discipline.

           Participating in AP Capstone can help students:

    • Stand out to colleges in the application process.
    • Develop key academic skills they’ll use in college and beyond.
    • Become self-confident, independent thinkers and problem solvers.
    • Earn college credit: Many colleges offer credit for qualifying scores.

    Clubs and Special Interests Page

    Students have the opportunity to get involved in High School in many different way. Research shows that students who are involved in school or other community organizations excel more in academics and in areas of social-emotional health.  

    To view student-created videos or read information about our clubs, athletics, or arts programs please click here.

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    To see more information on our academic programs, such as AFJROTC, Pathways, Academies, or AP Capstone program please click here.

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