HS Transition- Moving from 8th Grade to 9th Grade

  • While this time period has ended we have preserved the resources on this tab for your reference....  Registration for the next year's rising ninth grade occurs in early spring of each school year. 


    For non-PRMS 8th grade students wanting to enroll and register for classes at PRHS - Welcome!  We are excited you will be joining us.  Your first step will be to enroll at Porter Ridge High School. 

    • Please follow this link to see what materials you will need and to access the enrollment platform. 
    • During this time when we are not open to the public due to COVID-19, please email our data manager at carolyn.lawwill@ucps.k12.nc.us if you have additional questions after reviewing the above link. 
    • We welcome you to look through the material below and once you are officially enrolled our school counselors will reach out to you with instructions on how to choose courses for next school year.  

     setting sail


     Class of 2025 Setting Sail - pdf version of flyer above           

     Rising 9th Grade Parent Guide - guide for parents with descriptions and information needed. 

     (form opens 2/19) PRHS Rising 9th Grade - Course Selection and HS Info Question form for parents


    For our 8th grade PRMS students:

    We are looking forward to you joining our Pirate Family in the fall.  We have created documents and presentations to assist you in the important and timely task of selecting courses for your first year in high school!  Please read all information prior to selecting courses so that you are making the best choices for you.  

    Course Selection Information


    Rising 9th Grade Welcome video (premieres on PRHS facebook 2/18 at 6:30 pm)) - This presentation is the recording of our Rising Ninth Grade Welcome Voyage Presentation. Our principal, Dr. Fisenne, provides an overview of high school, graduation requirements, choosing courses and course levels, PR pathways and academies, support in high school, PR as a leadership school, grade point average, being involved in clubs and organizations, and communication in high school. 

    We recommend watching the video, but you may also access the presentation without audio explanation by clicking here. 

    Athletic Information Video

    How to enter courses into Powerschool video  - PRMS 8th grade students will be introduced to course selection by PRMS staff on 2/19 and students will be able to start selecting courses on 2/23. If you do not see all your academics courses listed on the class registration screen click on view courses on the top middle of the screen and you should see them listed there. 


    Rising 9th Grade Registration Instructions 2020-2021 (available here after 2/19)- instructions on how to register for classes 

    Academic Course Plans for Rising 9th Grade - course plans by subject area based on the level of rigor that is appropriate for students in each subject area. 

    CTE Brochure - Career Technical Education classes at PRHS and academies in UCPS

    Graduation Requirements - Class of 2024, 2025 and beyond

    PRHS Pathways & Academies - career pathways and academies at PRHS
    UCPS Career Academies - academy programs within UCPS

    UCPS Program of Studies - UCPS program information and course descriptions

    Information from UCPS on CTE Academies and Pathways in the district 


    Course Recommendations:

    Students were placed in the English, Math, Science & Social Studies course level based on their 8th grade teachers recommendation. 

    AP Capstone Diploma Program 

    Click here for more information about the program.

    Porter Ridge High School participates in the AP Capston Diploma Program.  It's a two-year program based on two AP courses—AP Seminar and AP Research. Other AP courses teach you, in depth, about a specific subject, like biology or U.S. history. AP Seminar and AP Research are different. They focus on helping you develop academic skills you can use in any discipline.  Students must take a combination of AP courses that include AP Seminar in the Junior Year and AP Research in the senior year. Students must take a combination of AP courses that include AP Seminar in the Junior Year and AP Research in the senior year. 

           Participating in AP Capstone can help students:

    • Stand out to colleges in the application process.
    • Develop key academic skills they’ll use in college and beyond.
    • Become self-confident, independent thinkers and problem solvers.
    • Earn college credit: Many colleges offer credit for qualifying scores.

    Clubs and Special Interests Page

    Students have the opportunity to get involved in High School in many different way.  Research shows that students who are involved in school or other community organizations excel more in academics and in areas of social-emotional health.  

    To view student-created videos or read information about our clubs, athletics, or arts programs please click here.

    To go to the Athletics website please click here.

    To see more information on our academic programs, such as AFJROTC, Pathways, Academies, or AP Capstone program please click here.

    To see the Band website please click here

    To view the inside of Porter Ridge High School and to meet some of our staff and students, you are welcome to

    LINKS for upcoming Q&A sessions for Course Selections 

    Current MS Parents: