Welcome to Porter Ridge High School, Students and Families!

  • Incoming Pirates!

    The information below is for students NOT currently enrolled in UCPS. For students wanting to enroll and register for classes at PRHS - Welcome!  We are excited you will be joining us.  Your first step will be to enroll at Porter Ridge High School. 

    • Please follow this link to see what materials you will need and to access the enrollment platform as all enrollments must be completed online (this site typically opens for enrollment in April each year.  We encourage you to complete these forms as soon as possible so that we can assist you in starting your journey as soon as possible!) Please email our data manager at carolyn.lawwill@ucps.k12.nc.us if you have additional questions after reviewing the above link. 
    • We welcome you to look through the resources linked on the left of this page so that you can see all that PRHS has to offer!  Once you have completed the enrollment documents at the link above, our school counseling department will reach out to you to schedule a group tour of our school, along with instructions on how and when to choose courses for next school year.  
    • Non-UCPS students may sign up for a tour group and to chat with our counselors.  Once new students are enrolled they can sign up for a course registration session with our counselors.  

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Current UCPS Students Enrolled in the Porter Ridge Cluster of Schools

  • HS Course Registration for Rising 10-12th Grades and HS Transition from 8th to 9th Grade Information

    Choosing courses, academic pathways, and course levels are big decisions. At Porter Ridge High School we strive to support every student in navigating their pathway so that they can set their course for life after high school!

    • For information specific to 8th Graders: Rising Ninth Grade Transition to High School, please see the link on the tab to the left.   
    • For information specific to Course Selection for current high school students, please see the appropriate link on the tab to the left. 

UCPS Enrollment

  • Scribbles is our online application system for School Enrollment, School Choice, Special Programs, and Student Transfers!