• Junior Night Information: April 30 was Junior Night and we discussed building resumes, applying to college, financial aid, and SAT/ACT information. We also discussed how this information can be used and found in Naviance Student. To review the information discussed at this event please click on the following links.

    11th Grade To-Do List:

    Continue looking at colleges. This is the year to be narrowing down your long list of colleges to about five. Things to consider:

    • Does it offer the major you're interested in?
    • Is it the right size for you?
    • Location - how far is it away from home? What is the weather like? How does the campus look?
    • Have you visited any colleges or universities? You get 3 excused absences your junior year. Also, most colleges gear their Open Houses toward juniors in the spring, so take advantage!
    • Can you afford it?

    Take College Entrance Exams (aka the SAT and the ACT):

    • It is a good idea to take the SAT spring semester.
    • The ACT will be given at CATA in March. Don't miss it!
    • Take either the SAT or ACT a second time during the Spring semester, or the summer between your junior and senior year. You should make a 2nd attempt at whichever test you scored better on the 1st time.
    • Remember, if you receive free or reduced lunch, you are eligible for fee waivers. See Ms. Lawson for fee waivers.
    • You can register online for the SAT at http://sat.collegeboard.org/home?navid=gh-sat and for the ACT at http://www.actstudent.org/
    • Do NOT begin your senior year without 2 college entrance exams under your belt!

    Bring your GPA up:

    • Colleges look at your classes and the grades you made in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.
    • Colleges use your final GPA from your junior year when making admissions decisions, so this is your last chance to improve upon your GPA.

    Create a Resume':

    • Your resume’ should include extracurricular activities (in and outside of school,) any honors you have received, leadership positions held, and detailed information concerning community service you have participated in.
    • You should include grades 9-11 right now. Make sure you add new information (community service, honors, etc.) as they occur.
    • Template


    • If you do not already have an account, create one. You can use CFNC to apply for college next year, so make sure you are familiar with the website.
    • The 'Plan' tab has a lot of great information to help you prepare for your senior year and for applying to college - Plan for College
    • You can take surveys, look at interest profilers, and assess your skills to help you decide what careers would be a good match for you on the 'Learn About Yourself' page.

    Athletes: Make sure you register with the NCAA Clearinghouse! See Ms. Lawson in the Guidance Office to do so.


    Looking Beyond the 'Usual Suspects' in the College Search

    Set up a Planning Process for College Applications

    Occupational Outlook Handbook - a guide to career information about hundreds of occupations

    Planning Guides: