Internships & Pre-Apprenticeships

  • Are you interested in applying for internships? or a Pre-Apprenticeship?


    Internships Overview:

    • Gives seniors an opportunity to get experience in a field of work they are interested in
    • Seniors can do a flex internship which is a half credit and does not average into the student’s GPA
      • Typically completed before/after school or summer
    • The full internship counts as a full class credit and averages into the student’s GPA
    • You will either take it 1st or 4th block and must commit to at least 8 hours a week to be able to get all of your hours in

    Apprenticeship Overview:

    • Student takes morning classes at High School while afternoon is split between classes at SPCC and working at Greiner Bio-One or other partner company
    • Student is paid for approximately 20 hours per week which is a combination of training, attending classes and work
    • Fall Classes at SPCC would begin in mid-August, 2021
    • Students receive High School Credit for their Community College Courses
    • Provides a potential opportunity to be selected for Registered Apprenticeship Program
    • Provides hands on training to develop technical skills


    Click on the link below and then click on "Workbased Learning" at the top of the page to apply. See Ms. Bartell in the counseling office for more information: