• Sophomore Night Recording

    Maintain or increase your GPA during sophomore year

    • The transcript we send for college applications, scholarships, and NCAA Clearinghouse reflect the grades you have made through the end of your junior year.
    • How to compute your GPA- Add your quality points and divide by the number of classes. Quality points are points awarded to you for the grade you made in a class. Quality points will be awarded as follows:


     CP  Honors  AP
    A=4  A=4.5  A=5
    B=3 B=3.5   B=4
    C=2 C=2.5  C=3
    D=1 D=1.5  D=2

    Grading Scale: 

    A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    C: 70-79
    D: 60-69
    F: 59 and below

    PreACT: All sophomores will take the PreACT for free during the school day in October. This is great practice for the ACT, which you will take during your junior year. Colleges do not see your PreACT score so you can use this as a true opportunity to test your knowledge and see what you need to improve on for the ACT. 


    Path to Graduation Planning Guide

    This guide is intended to help students map out the classes they will take over the next four years. Students are encouraged to complete this document and review it with their counselor. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a student will be able to take a class in a certain semester or school year (with the exception of some classes), so what you put in this guide is subject to change. Please contact your counselor with any questions.