• Virtual Sophomore Night Slideshow: This is the slideshow that the counselors presented during Sophomore Night.

    Continue to pull up your GPA:

    • The transcript we send for college applications, scholarships, and NCAA Clearinghouse reflect the grades you have made through the end of your junior year.
    • How to compute your GPA- Add your quality points and divide by the number of classes. Quality points are points awarded to you for the grade you made in a class. Quality points will be awarded as follows:


     CP  Honors  AP
    A=4  A=4.5  A=5
    B=3 B=3.5   B=4
    C=2 C=2.5  C=3
    D=1 D=1.5  D=2

    Grading Scale: 

    A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    C: 70-79
    D: 60-69
    F: 59 and below

    Take the PLAN:


    • It is given to all sophomores each October. This test is a good predictor of how you will do on the ACT.
    • It has four multiple-choice sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Your results from these sections will tell you which areas you are weak and strong in, which will help you when studying for the ACT.


    Look for Scholarships:

    • You apply for scholarships in your senior year, BUT you should begin looking for them now; some scholarships are given to students in 9th-12th grades.  Below are some websites that will assist you in looking for scholarships.  Please keep in mind that most of the scholarship money comes from the college and you must meet their criteria to apply.  Your SAT/ACT scores are very important when applying for a scholarship. Most scholarships are interested in your character, leadership, community service, and extracurricular activities. Keep a calendar of all your community service - note what you did and how long you worked. More scholarship information and websites can be found here:

    Visit Open/update your account. To find out what a college in NC requires for admission:

    • Go to
    • click on 'Apply' tab
    • click on 'Explore Postsecondary Schools' under 'Quick Links' on the right
    • click on the letter of school - ex: U will bring up UNC schools
    • click on the name of the college
    • click on 'Admissions' on left side; scroll down to find admission requirements
    • click on 'Academics' to see if the school has your major
    • click on 'Student Life' to see if it has a sport you are interested in playing
    • click on 'Cost and Financial Aid' to check out how to pay for college

    Useful Web Sites:


    Planning Guides: