Registration/Schedule Correction Information

  • Schedule Correction Request Form - This form will open on Jan. 13 and close on Jan. 29. Once your request is submitted, your counselor will see if that correction can be made. If the correction can be made it will be reflected in your new schedule. If your correction cannot be made your counselor will email you explaining why. Please make sure you are checking your email regularly. If your request requires a form such as a course waiver, AP contract, etc. please make sure that form is turned in to your counselor promptly. Counselors will not make schedule corrections if they do not have a required form. Please see your assigned counselor for any questions regarding your schedule. 


    Peer Tutor Agreement 

    AP Contract

    Flex Form

    Virtual Course Agreement

    Course Waiver Form

    Early Graduation Application (Mid-Year Senior)

    Early Graduation Application (End of Junior Year)


    Academy Pathways 
    These documents outline the course sequence for each academy. They may vary by year so please choose your graduation year to ensure you have an accurate sequence.

    Incoming 9th and 10th grade students that were not at CATA last year:

    Your course requests made during your 8th grade year will be transferred to CATA.  The counseling department will work on your schedules through early August. Schedules will be available to all students in August prior to school starting.  Any course request changes can be made following the guidelines below.  If you have a concern, please call the counseling office and leave a message for the counselors, as they do not work every day over the summer.   



    Ms. Lawson - Medical Sciences Academy, Transportation Systems Academy 

    Ms. Ashley Cole -  Dance Academy, Theatre Academy, Pre-Engineering Academy 

    Ms. Sally Goodwin - Information Systems Academy, MPRA Academy 


    General Information: