• FREE ACT/SAT Hybrid Practice Test: Future Prep is offering a hybrid test to help students decide whether it's better for them to take the ACT or the SAT. Future Prep has developed a Hybrid test that has representative components of both the SAT and the ACT and takes about the same amount of time to administer as each test. The resulting report compares their percentile ranges on each test to offer insight into which one offers them the best chance for a competitive score. Future Prep is offering free administrations of this test during December to help students plan for which test to focus on for Spring 2021.

    Tests will be administered and proctored online through Zoom conferencing to create as realistic of a testing experience as possible. Students will need to register in advance on our website. Once they have signed up, they will receive an email with links to the test and instructions for submitting their answers, along with a text message alerting them that the email was sent (in case it gets caught up in junk/spam filters). After taking the test and submitting their answers they will receive their score report via email.

    Sign up for either the December 11th or December 18th SAT/ACT Hybrid Practice Test here: (All tests begin at 8:30am and will run until approximately 12:00pm).