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    Parkwood is happy to announce that Ms. Wendolyn Davis is our new SPCC Career Coach.  She will be here to help students with SPCC registration, troubleshoot any issues and assist with pathway goals.  If you have any questions about the Career and College Promise program, feel free to contact Ms. Davis at 704-290-5876 or at (use your SPCC email if you are currently enrolled in the CCP program).





    The Career and College Promise Program allows high school students who qualify to enroll in community college courses while still attending their home school. These courses can be used for dual credit in order to meet high school graduation requirements as well as accumulating towards an associate’s degree or as a plan to meet general education requirements in the college or university setting.  Union County Public Schools coordinate through South Piedmont Community College for this dual enrollment experience.  
    Students must have at least a 2.8 unweighted GPA to qualify for the program.  There are two types of classes students can choose: Career and Technical and/or College Transfer. Students must purchase their own books.  UCPS offers $50 reimbursement per course.
    How do students take these classes?
    Either online or face to face at the SPCC campus. There are times when SPCC comes to PWHS campus to teach specific classes.  If students opt to take classes face-to-face at SPCC, the PWHS schedule will take priority.  Usually, students try to select classes first or fourth block to avoid conflicts with the PWHS schedule. 
    Do any CCP classes count toward high school graduation requirements? 
    Yes!  Any math class taken through CCP as listed in the College Transfer courses will count as a student's 4th math requirement for graduation. Click here for a complete listing of courses that replace high school courses. 
    Can students take summer school classes through Career and College Promise?
    Yes! Only rising Senior students can take summer classes.
    How will I know if the CCP credit is taken by my chosen college?
    Career and College Promise is a NC incentive to provide quality education for its students and to keep students in NC.  Therefore, most NC colleges accept the College Transfer courses for credit.  To be sure, visit your college of choice and review the community college articulation agreements. Out-of-state colleges do not have to honor CCP courses for credit, but they may. Students must earn at least a "C" in the course for transfer consideration.  
    Should I take AP or CCP?  
    This is a personal choice that students and parents should discuss. Students do not have to take an "AP" type exam to receive potential credit.  Students must earn at least a "C" in the course for transfer consideration.  
    Before registering for any of these courses, students should consult their counselor on how these credits will be factored into their historical grades.  Not all career and college promise courses receive accelerated quality points for the purposes of calculating a student's grade point average. The links below contain information on the most current course offerings approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.   



    To request disability services while taking SPCC classes, click HERE, for the application. 

    Students are responsible for setting up disability services with SPCC, not Parkwood High School. 

    To learn the differences between high school and college disability services, specifically at SPCC, click HERE.  


    Disability Services for SPCC courses

    In preparation for the spring semester, we want to make sure there is clarity around students applying for disability services.  Some students incorrectly assume their IEP or 504 plan is transferrable and automatically qualifies them for disability accommodations in college.  There are differences between high school and college disability services. 

    Students must complete the Application for Accommodations to initiate the application process.  Additionally, students must provide documentation from a qualified provider as outlined in the Documentation Guidelines for Disability Services.  If a student would like for us to be able to speak with a parent or third party, even if he or she is under 18 years old, the student must complete the bottom of the Information Consent Release Form.  The application and documentation should be submitted together to expedite the application process.  They can be sent through the student’s SPCC email account, dropped off to Student Services, or mailed.  Once we receive all the materials, we can process the application.  Please note, accommodations may take up to 10 business days to implement after the Disability Services file has been completed (i.e., application and supporting documentation received).

    If approved, the letter of accommodations is only valid for one semester.  Students must request a new letter from disability services each semester.

    You can find more details about the application process and our contact information on our website.  Please let us know if you have any questions; we are happy to provide clarification.