**Senior class meeting was held August 28, 2018.  Seniors were advised how to use Naviance that included sending transcripts, college applciations, essay's, teacher recommendations and scholarship search.  

    **Students completed Naviance tasks for September on September 11, 2018 during 3rd block. 


    Seniors should check the PWHS website and Naviance daily! 

    College Applications:

    • They are all open...start your appplications!
    • Many applications are due in October and November for a December or January decision
    • Be sure to review college requirements you are considering.  Do you have the high school credits required for admission to their college?
    • Review last year's freshman profile to see what the average GPA and test scores of students who were admitted for this school year?  Does your GPA and test scores fall within that range? 
    • Remember that whatever classes you put down as your "Senior classes" should not change once the application is submitted.  Many colleges make decision based on classes you are taking in the spring semester.  
    • If you took SPCC classes, you have taken college classes and must report those classes and grades when asked.

    Common application questions:

    • 10 point grading scale
    • College Prep Track
    • GPA and Rank are weighted, which are exact
    • Counselor emails:
      • Chrissy Rape at chrissy.rape@ucps.k12.nc.us
      • Duane Thompson at duane.thompson@ucps.k12.nc.us
      • Amanda Bristow at amanda.sica@ucps.k12.nc.us
    • PWHS does not limit your Honors or AP courses per year
    • PWHS operates on a 4 X 4 block schedule
    • PWHS school code (CEEB) is 342662


    • Can only be requested through Naviance!


    Teacher Recommendations:

    • Only ask teachers for a recommendation IF the college requires one.  Otherwise the college will throw the recommendation away.
    • When asking teachers for a recommendation, give them at least 2 weeks notice. 
    • Recommendations are only requested and sent through Naviance. 


    • Think outside the box and be creative with college essays!
    • Be sure you address the prompt and do not stay on task!
    • If there is a word limit, be sure to abide!
    • Have someone else read your essay!

    SAT/ACT Scores:

    • You have to send your own test scores to each college from College Board www.collegeboard.org for SAT and/or www.ACT.org for ACT scores. 
    • Each score that is sent will cost about $10

    Common Application:

    • As the name states, you complete one application that can be sent to multiple colleges
    • Not all colleges use this service
    • Your transcript will be uploaded by Ms. Rape when you complete the application
    • www.commonapp.org


    • Union County is not utilizing SendEdu to send transcripts.  All transcript requests are through Naviance. 

    SPCC Classes:

    • Also called dual enrollment
    • You do not send a SPCC transcript until the end of the year!
    • You will need to request your SPCC transcript from www.spcc.edu and send to your selected college in June.
    • PWHS cannot send your SPCC transcript.