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  • **Transcripts will be sent to NCAA Clearinghouse once the student completes and pays for the NCAA Clearinghouse registration.  



    NCAA Clearinghouse: Click here to access the NCAA registration portal.


    Students wishing to participate in Division I or Division II college athletics must register on line with the NCAA Clearinghouse in their Junior year, it is recommended to complete registration by end of sophomore year.  Division III college and universities do not require NCAA registration for student athletes.  


     It is important to become familiar with NCAA eligibility requirements!


    Complete NCAA guide for students athletes can be found here. 


    Student athletes who participate in the free or reduced lunch program may be eligible for a NCAA fee waiver. See Ms. Rape for details.
    Student athletes are not encouraged to take credit recovery classes online, as they may not be accepted by the NCAA eligibility center. Students should retake the class fully to earn needed credit.

    Initial-Eligibility Standards for Division I College-Bound Student-Athletes: Click here:


    Initial-Eligibility Standards for Division II College-Bound Student-Athletes: Click here:


    What does NCAA consider core classes? Go here to see:


    To calculate your core classes for NCAA initial eligibility, go here:


     National Letter of Intent (NLI) information can be found here:

    Coach Garner will organize the NLI recognition at Parkwood High for our student-athletes. 


    Two-year college transfer requirement information can be found here


    List of North Carolina Division I,II,II and NAIA colleges and universities.  





    What is the difference between NCAA and NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)?

    NAIA is a less cumbersome, with less restrictions between the student-athlete and a coach.  Open and frequent communication allows the student to become more comfortable with the school and athletic staff.  These colleges and univesities are not Division I or II schools.  


    NAIA Registration is required for athletic participation in NAIA colleges (such as Montreat College and St. Andrews University)


    A complete listing of NAIA colleges and universities can be downloaded here. 


    Complete NAIA guide for student-athletes


    What are the NAIA Conferences


    Freshman Eligiblity FAQ's





    NJCAA- National Junior College Athletic Association


    Click to view colleges that are part of the NJCAA organization.  Usually are community colleges that have a strong athletic community to help students continue building their sport skill and GPA to transfer to a 4-year college. 


    NJCAA eligibility rules 


    NJCAA complete guide for student-athletes