Counseling Center - Online Learning Information


    Types of Online Classes: 
    North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS)
    Union County Virtual (UCV)
    OdysseyWare (OW) 
    Online learning is a means to obtain credit for graduation requirements or elective courses through an online provider, such as NCVPS, UCV or OW. Not all students are good online learners, as they are required to be independent learners.  Those students who do best online are those who can meet deadlines without excuses, work independently, technology savvy, and responsible.  Students are able to take the desired online course(s) during the school day in the Distance Learning Lab (DLL).  Typically, students are able to complete their online work during their assigned DLL time. Students who are interested in online courses should see their counselor.  Online courses are scheduled depending upon student need and DLL availability.  
    For information on online learning through North Carolina Virtual Public School and OdysseyWare please visit the websites below or talk to your counselor. NCVPS offers students access to a wider variety of courses, and an opportunity to earn extra credits towards early graduation. OdysseyWare provides students with a way to recover credits. Union County Virtual (UCV) offers students numerous online academic opportunities taught by Union County public school teachers in most cases.
    NCVPS, UCV and Odysseyware are all accredited online resources. Note that athletes are not encouraged to utilize Odysseyware for credit recovery, as NCAA regulations may deny such credit for Division I or II recruiting purposes.