NC School of Science & Math

  • Are you a sophomore interested in applying to the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics?

    You too can experience the college life and academic rigor in your junior and senior years of high school from your very own dorm room at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.


    • What is NCSSM?
      • NCSSM is the world's first public, residential high school for juniors and seniors that provides a specialized curriculum in the areas of math, science and technology.
    • Is there a cost associated with attending? 
      • No. There are no fees associated with applying, being accepted or attending NCSSM.
    • Are science and math the only subjects taught at NCSSM?
      • No. NCSSM has one of the richest and most engaging Humanities departments in the state. It also has thriving music and arts programs and offers a number of languages and drama.
    • Where do students come from? 
      • By legislative mandate, NCSSM accepts only students from North Carolina and does so equally across all 13 congressional districts. The School's alumni also represent all 100 counties, with around 90 counties represented in the student body at any time.
    • How many NCSSM students go on to college? 
      • Over 99% of NCSSM graduates attend college the year after graduation. The small number who do not attend college usually elect to volunteer or defer college admittance until the following year. Since 2004 and the implementation of the UNC Tuition Grant Bill, nearly 80% of NCSSM graduates have attended UNC system schools, up from an average 55%. 
    • What's the ethnic makeup typically?
      • NCSSM is very proud to have an extremely diverse population. On average, the school’s population is 12% African American, 65% Caucasian, 3% Hispanic, 18% Asian American, and 1% Native American. This diverse population generates countless activities and festivals such as the American Indian Powwow, World fest, Africa Fest, Hispanic Fest, and an Asian Culture club.
    • What are the graduation requirements for students? 
      • To receive a diploma from NCSSM, students must meet higher graduation requirements that include, but are not limited to, precalculus and mathematical modeling; advanced biology, chemistry and physics; a nationally recognized humanities program; and mastery of a foreign language at an intermediate level or higher.
    • How do NCSSM students and alumni give back to the state? 
      • Community service has been a graduation requirement since 1982. During the summer of 2006, students provided more than 19,000 hours of service to more than 250 nonprofits throughout the state. Nearly 75% of the School’s alumni pay North Carolina taxes, many of whom work in medicine, pharmaceutical research, computer sciences and education, endeavors that improve our quality of life.
    • How does the NCSSM serve the state? 
      • The School’s Distance Learning department continues to be the state leader in K-12 educational programming averaging about 350 hours per month of connections in 2006-2007. This allowed 27 high schools the chance to offer their students 16 different credit courses, including Genetics and Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and AP Physics. With credit courses and enrichment programs, NCSSM serves nearly 4,000 students statewide each year.


    Interesting Facts About NCSSM:

    • It is the first school of its kind in the nation-a public, residential high school where students study a specialized curriculum built around science and mathematics.
    • NCSSM's unique living and learning experience made it the model for 18 like schools across the globe.
    • Its diverse student body consists of 11th and 12th graders who represent more than 90 of North Carolina's 100 counties.
    • The campus of the former Watts Hospital, a 27-acre park-like setting, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been updated with wireless network and Internet access, renovated living facilities and a state-of-the-art educational technology center. The campus' unique architectural features hold firm the campus' rich history while the students within its walls cement its future.
    • The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Enrolling exceptional students. Graduating exceptional people.
    • You may also visit the school's website by clicking here.

    To Be Eligible For Enrollment:

    • Eligibility: Students must currently be in the 10th grade and their parents must be residents of North Carolina by December 1 of the applicant’s 10th grade year. Your parent or legal guardian must complete the Residency Form as a part of the application process.
    • It is strongly advised that students enroll in Math III or higher level math by the 10th grade year to increase the competitiveness of their application.
    • Applications: Applications are available for completion online. All applications must be filled out online. There are no exceptions. Register for an online applicant account at and complete all application sections within 21 days of registration.


    • Students: Application deadlines and requirements are available here.
    • ACT or SAT: Will be waived for the class of 2025 but will be considered if submitted. We recommend that students register to take the ACT or SAT prior to the January test date. Test site cancellations due to inclement weather often occur during January.
    • Only official score reports or score reports on transcripts will be accepted; therefore, students must use the NCSSM special code 2241 in Block 11A of the SAT registration form to ensure that test results are sent directly to the NCSSM Admissions Office.

    Discovery Days:

    All applicants are required to attend a Discovery Day on the NCSSM campus. On Discovery Day, applicants take a math test.


    NCSSM does not discriminate on the basis of disability. To confidentially request reasonable accommodations on the basis of a documented disability, please contact the NCSSM Admissions Office in advance of your Discovery Day.


    • Applicants are encouraged to print a copy of your completed sections for your records prior to submitting your forms (copies will not be available after forms are submitted)
    • All applicants must attend their assigned Discovery Day on the campus of NCSSM.
    • Your Discovery Day date will be mailed to you upon registration.
    • Please remove spam blockers for the domain in your email account and add to your contact list. Updates, final status notification and all other communications will be sent to your registered email address. Paper notification will only be provided by exception due to extenuating circumstance and upon approval by the Director.