Transcript Requests



    2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR 
    Transcripts do not have student testing information for either SAT or ACT.  
    Transcripts do not reflect student extracurricular activities.  

    Transcripts for all NC colleges and universities:

    • Students are able to manage their own transcript for free
    • This includes graduated students!  
    • Be sure you create an account and provide your school number under "About Me".  With this option, your transcripts are sent for free to any N.C. college. For step-by step instructions, click here.
    • If your CFNC trancript is not sending correctly, see Ms. Rape. 


    Transcripts for out of state colleges and universities:

    • If your college does not use Common Application or SendEdu, you will need to request an official transcript here.
    • Paper trancripts for out of state college/university applications are generally filled within the day, but may take up to 72 hours during peak season. 


    Transcripts for scholarships, your own review or to share with a coach:

    • You may request a transcript here.  
    • Be sure to enter the scholarship name and address where indicated on request, if applicable.  


    Transcripts for students who graduated in 2017: 

    • You can request a paper transcript here from Parkwood High School.
    • You may still utilize your CFNC account to send transcripts for free and electronically.


    Transcripts for students who graduated prior to 2017:

    • You will need to request your transcripts here from UCPS.  PWHS does not have records of your transcript. 



    If you took SPCC classes while in high school and need a transcript sent to your college of choice, you must request that transcript from SPCC here. Parkwood High School's transcript has your SPCC courses listed, but colleges require an official transcript from SPCC to articulate the credit.  SPCC will charge at least $5.00 per transcript request.  You have the option to request your SPCC transcript through an online service as well.  You do not need to send an official copy of your SPCC courses until the end of the school year.