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    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship:

    -Each year the nonprofit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Committee, Inc., awards scholarships to one or more high school senior to support their goals of higher education.

    To be considered for this award you must complete the following:

        -Official high school transcript

        -A copy of your acceptance letter from an accredited college/university or community college

        -Three letters of recommendation--two from school personell and one from a community representative

        -Your completed handwritten essay

        -Complete the Application Forms

    If you are interested please come to Guidance to pick up the Application. 

    All applications are due Friday, March 1, 2019.



    Gordon Hay Scholarship Committee selects a student to receive a unique $5000 scholarship. The Gordon Hay Scholarship benefits a selected student within the Charlotte region who demonstrates technical or artistic accomplishment in a non-performance area of the performing arts. The award is designed for special learning opportunities related to the recipient’s career interest in a non-performing area of the performing arts.

     -Students must be 2019 Union County Senior

    -Must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in a performing arts related discipline(music, dance, theatre, technical theatre, arts administration, arts education, etc.)

    -You may find application forms here: www.blumenthalarts.org/scholarships.

    -All applications are due April 1st, 2019.

    If you have any questions you can stop by Guidance.



    The Mary Doctor Performing Arts Scholarship Committee selects up to two students to receive scholarships of up to $10,000 each. The Mary Doctor Performing Arts Scholarship (MDPAS) benefits selected graduating seniors within the Charlotte region who demonstrate above-average ability and great interest in one or more areas of the performing arts. Scholarships are paid directly to the recipient’s college or university and are designated for tuition, on-campus housing, meal plans, required fees, books, and supplies. Scholarships are not to be used for off-campus housing, off-campus meals, or any other purpose than designated. Scholarshipsare awarded for one year only, but may be renewed for up to three years of undergraduate study provided funds are available and recipients continue to enroll full-time each term and are recognized as students in good academic and behavioral standing.

     -Students must be 2019 Union County Senior

    -Must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in a performing arts related discipline(music, dance, theatre, technical theatre, arts administration, arts education, etc.)

    -You may find application forms here: www.blumenthalarts.org/scholarships.

    -All applications are due March 1st, 2019.


    $10,000 SECU Foundation Scholarship- Deadline is February 25 to Ms. Rape

    Seniors must be accepted and attending one of the 16 constituent UNC campuses, a parent must be a member of the SECU, is a US citizen, has at least a GPA of 2.5, identifies a financial need as determined by FAFSA completion, and completes the "People Helping People" essay.  Click here for additional eligibility criteria. A PWHS scholarship committee will review all Senior applications for the SECU and select two students based on the above information to compete at the district level.  There are 6 REQUIRED parts to this schoalrship to be considered at the school and district level:  (1) Completed student application, (2) Essay (located at the bottom of the application), (3) Copy of college acceptance letter to one of the 16 UNC campuses, (4) A photo for a press release, (5) Brief student bio, (6) signed consent form.  Without all 6 parts, the school and district scholarship committees cannot review studen't application for the scholarship.   An example of what your application should look like can be found HERE. Paper applications can be found in guidance or use the hyperlinks above to print at home. 


    Fayetteville State University- Open House March 23 from 9AM-1PM

    The even app can be found at bit.ly/2LktJzj and/or register at UNCFSU.EDU/SPRINGOPENHOUSE


    Benedict College- Open House is April 12 from 9AM-noon. Lunch will be served to those who register.  Email keisha.moreland@benedict.edu.  


    NATIONAL College Fair will be held the Park Expo and Conference Center in Charlotte on March 17 from 12PM-4PM. Colleges and Universities from across the nation will be at the fair to answer your questions!  Regsiter at GOTOMYNCF.COM to receive fair details, avoid lines onsite, and share your contact information with your choice schools.   


    North Carolina Association of Educational Office Professionals, Inc. (NCAEOP)

     -North Carolina Association of Educational Office Professionals awards annual scholarships in the amount og $9,000+.

    -The Union County Association will award three scholarships with the following guidelines:

    • The $500 UCAEOP Scholarship is open to seniors whose parent is a member of UCAEOP
    • The $500 UCAEOP Memorial Scholarship is open to all seniors who are children of UCPS employees
    • The $500 Billy W. Stegall, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is open to all UCPS seniors.

    -Students must complete the application with their photograph/cover sheet, be a high-school senior in Union County, write a one-page biograpical sketch on "Why I Am Choosing to Further My Education," attach an official high school transcript, a letter from a college or university stating an application for admission has been recieved, and three letters of recommendation from a counselor or adminstrator, teacher, and an outside individual. 

    -For more details, and/or questions please come to Guidance.

    Deadline for Scholarship Application: Monday, March 11, 2019.


    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill presents:

    Project Uplift/Uplift PLUS/North Carolina Renaissance (NCR)

    -Project Uplife: enables high-achieving rising seniors to experience college life on the Carolina campus over two days in May or June

    -Uplift PLUS: is a rigorous 5-week program for high-achieving, in-state, Project Uplift participants. Students participate in a three-credit English course, engage in research, and much more while staying on campus. Students may express interest in Uplift PLUS by writing a supplemental essay within their Project Uplift applicaion. There is not seperate application.

    -North Carolina Renaissance: program invites rising juniors from rural North Carolina communities for an educational four-day enrichment program in July. 

    For more information please click on the following links:

    Project Uplift and Uplift Plus 2019

    North Carolina Renaissance 2019

     Deadline to apply for these opportunities are February 15th, 2019.


    2018-2019 Optimist International Essay Contest:

    - Competition is divided into two levels: Club and District

    -Students must enter through a Local Optimist Club, or an At-Large contest if a local club is not available. An At-Large student may not have competed in an Optimist International or District in the same year.

    -Students under age 19 and not enrolled in post-secondary institution is eligible to compete. No student who has previously won a District Optomist Essay contest scholarship will be eligible to compete at any level of the competition. 

    -Students must show proof of age before competing.

    -Particpants must write on the official topic, and must contain at least 700 words but, no more than 800 words.

    Deadline for submission is February 14th.


    For more information please come to Guidance or click here: Optimist International Essay Contest


     Health and Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp:


     - Camp for High School Students with a window into the scientific basis of human health 

    - Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of molecular biology, pharmacology, immunology, biochemistry and neuroscience

    - Students will interact with practicing professionals in fields such as medicine, physical therapy, toxicology, genetic counseling and biomedical labratory research

    - Get the experience: Lebanon Valley College - June 23-28, 2019

    -If you have questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Courtney Lappas, Camp Director at (717)-867-6179 or lappas@lvc.edu

    -For more information, please click on the link. LVC Camp


    Union Power Cooperative  is offering scholarship opportunities. Application and more information can be found at this link. Deadline for these scholarships is March 22!  


    NYU Programs for High School Students:

    -NYU Precollege gives rising juniors and seniors the amazing opportunity to spend their summer on NYU's campus in the heart of Manhatten. For six exciting weeks, high schoolers can take college-level courses for credit, develop their essay-writing skills, and learn how to manager their time in college, all while experiencing what it's like to be an NYU student. 

    -2019 NYU Precollege program runs from July 7-August 16. For scholarship consideration, students should apply early and no later than April 1, 2019. 

    -For more details and the most up-to-date information, please visit nyu.edu/precollege.


    QuestBridge - 2019 College Prep Scholars Program

    -QuestBridge connects the nations brightest students from low-income backgrounds to top colleges across the United States. They have two programs, the National College Match for high school seniors, and the College Prep Scholars Program for high school juniors. 

    -They are looking for academically stellar students who have demonstrated a level of academic achievement that meets the admissions standards of our college partners. These are students whom you can envision thriving on the campus of a leading college. In addition, students must demonstrate ongoing financial hardship.

    -In the top 5% to 10% of their class, household income is less than $65,000 a year, often in the first generation in their family to attend a four-year U.S. college.

    -If you would like to learn more about QuestBridge please go to www.questbridge.org and if you have any questions please contact the Guidance Department.


    Pratt PreCollege Program:

    -PreCollege programs provide high school students with an invaluable opportunity to sharpen their portfolios through rigorous college- lvel art, design, and creative thinking courses, modeled after Pratt Institute's undergraduate offerings. 

    -Pratt PreCollege Program program is offered on their Brooklyn, NY Campus July 1-26, 2019.

    -PreCollege Summer Program consists of four classes modeled after Pratt's undergrad offerings. Students choose three concentration courses. 

    -Application deadline: March 1, 2019 Online Application Due with $50.00 Application Fee.

    -For more information about Tuition, Scholarship opportunitiy and Housing please click here: Pratt PreCollege Program


    Upcoming college visits held on PWHS campus:

    • ECU- February 4, 2019 12-1:30 in the student center
    • Fayetteville State University- March 1, 2019- 12-12:30 in the office conference room 


     SCHOLARSHIPS: Check Naviance for most recent scholarship opportunities!! 


    2019 Monroe-Union Breakfast Rotary Club has announced their service/scholarship program

    Pick up an application in guidance.  An essay is required.  If selected to represent Parkwood High, you will need to make a 10 minute presentation to the members of the Rotary Club. The application and essay is due to Ms. Rape by February 6, 2019.  


    2019 Weddington Optimist Computer Scholarship:


    The Weddington Optimist Computer Scholarship has been awarded every spring since 1997.  The scholarship started with one school, Sun Valley, and now incorporates eleven Union County High schools. 

    This scholarship is open to high school seniors who will be graduating in the Spring 2019.  Seniors do not have to be attending a 2 or 4-year higher education institution in the fall of 2019.  The Optimists are looking for an individual who will be enthusiastic and optimistic that the scholarship will help you meet your life goals as you embark on a unique life experience.

    Answer the following question by writing a 2-page essay, double spaced, 1-inch margins, font size no larger than 12 and bold words are allowed.  Please include your full name, date, high school and guidance counselor’s name on the essay’s header.  File format .doc or .pdf.


    Essay Question:

    Describe to us why you deserve the Computer Scholarship?  Include any volunteer work you have participated in the past few years.  Please elaborate on any Optimistic experiences you have had in the past few years.  Incorporate a phrase or two from Optimist Creed in your answer.  The Optimist Creed is below and the individual phrases start with ‘To…” with double spacing between each phrase (Each line item is a phrase).

    Essays are due on March 22, 2019 at 5:00 pm.  Please email or turn into your scholarship guidance counselor.  Guidance Counselors will pick 3 essays and will forward them to Weddington Optimist by April 5, 2019.

     Winners will be selected by the Weddington Optimist Club by April 26, 2019.  This is during Spring Break.


    Union County Education Foundation Scholarship:

    The Education Foundation will award ten $1,250 scholarships this spring to UCPS Students. Here is the correct link for student’s to apply. You can click on the link to direct you to the website page and students should directly apply on their website: 


    * Deadline to Apply is February, 25th 2019 *

    Our scholarship recipients are required to participate in the Sweet Salute on Thursday May 16, 2019 and your students can learn more about the Sweet Salute here: https://ucedfoundation.org/index.php/events-2/sweet-salute/

    Here is what you should expect:

    Please be prepared to include the following information with this application: (ONLY PDF documents will be accepted for ALL attachments)

    • A 500 word maximum written “Teacher Tribute” to a UCPS teacher out lining what this teacher has meant to you personally and to your education. We heavily weight the quality of the writing of your Teacher Tribute since the essay is such an important component to our selection process. You might consider having someone review your tribute for quality and grammar, but it needs to be your own original writing and have your name, the teacher tribute's name, title and current school listed at the top of the essay.

    ​Use this opportunity to express your gratitude for all the teacher’s hard work and dedication to you. Please do not have the teacher read your tribute. The teacher may be a current, former, or retired UCPS classroom teacher. You may still apply even if your Teacher Tribute is not able to attend the Sweet Salute scholarship presentation Thursday, May 9 at 6:30 pm. Do not share anything in your essay that you do not want public. We will display your essay for everyone to read at the Sweet Salute and possibly use your story in press releases to the media.

    • Results of SAT or other Scholastic Achievement tests.
    • A letter of recommendation from an administrator from your high school, i.e. teacher, counselor, etc.
    • A complete transcript.
    • Confirmation that you can attend the May 16, 2019 “Sweet Salute" scholarship presentation at 6:30 pm at Wingate University.
    • Resume with a listing of your extracurricular activities.
    • A statement of why you should receive this scholarship. If applicable, include why your family has financial need for scholarship assistance.


    If you have any questions please come to guidance.


    Farm Bureau North Carolina Scholarship:

    If you are a part of the North Carolina Farm Bureau and are interested in a Scholarship to either a Community College or University please come check in the boxes outside Guidance for an Application.


    Duke Univerisity Summer Opportunities:

    At Duke Summer Session, we are determined not only to inform you about it, but to transform you into one who envisions, shapes, and delivers the incredible possibilities of tomorrow.  It is for this reason that we are thrilled to offer the following life-changing programs this summer:
    Summer College – Take a credit-bearing Duke University course during this four-week program and experience the life of a Duke student.
    Summer Academy – Choose from any of our transformative three-week certificate courses and become a leader in an ever-changing tomorrow.
    Accelerated STEM Academy – Experience the life of an elite researcher by touring Duke’s premier research facilities, participating in a variety of hands-on labs, and engaging with Duke faculty members during this one-week program.
    Apply Online today on each program’s homepage, as spots fill quickly!


    Please click on the Apply Online link above if you want to apply.


    Cooperative Leadership Camp:

    CLC provides up to 70 teens a five day overnight camp expereince to learn about cooperatives. During camp teens organize and run a worker/owner tee shirt cooperative. They hire a general manager, elect a board of directors, vote to establish by laws, and learn about both business and personal financial responsibility all through experiential learning. Students get the opporutnity to meet new people and make new friends, join a cause, meet people from different year levels, cultures, and walks of life. 

    Camp is held June 17th-21st, 2019. CCNC provides a bus to transport students to White Lake, NC. Applications scan be sent to the student's local cooperative, Credit Union, Electric Membership, 4H, Telepone Cooperative or CCNC at: 

    PO Box 10426

    Raleigh, NC 27605

    If you have any questions please call 919-834-5544 or email at Emily.Nail@ccnc.coop



    Students interested in Furman University:

    Students interested in Furman University that are selected as Furman Scholars are eligible for at least $20,000 per year, $80,000 over four years, in scholarships upon acceptance to Furman University. 

    Furman Scholar Nominees (Must be current juniors):

    -A genuine interest in an education in the liberal arts and sciences

    -A high school weighted grade point average of 3.5 or higher

    -At least a 1360 on the SAT, a 1360 on the PSAT, or a 29 on the ACT or Aspire (excluding writing).

    -Significant involvement in extracurricular activities and community service

    -Demonstrated leadership potential


    If interested please see the guidance department. Nominations are due by April 1, 2019.


     Kyle Bird Scholarship:

    Kyle Byrd Memorial Scholarship

    Do you have or know of a graduating high school senior looking for scholarship opportunities, please let them know that the NC JCI Senate and has such an opportunity ... it’s the Kyle Byrd Memorial Scholarship.

    Each year, the NC JCI Senate Kyle Byrd Memorial Scholarship program selects two applicants and awards them a $500 scholarship each.

    In addition, the NC JCI Senate Scholarship program will also select two applicants to submit for the US JCI Senate Scholarship program which awards several $1000 scholarships.

    Scholarship form can be found at: Foundation Scholarship Application


    The application must be postmarked no later than January 11, 2019 to the State Scholarship Chairman listed under your state.

    For your convenience, the chairman for NC this year and mailing information is:

    NC JCI Senate Scholarship Program 
    c/o Karen Byrd 
    101 Salem Towne Court 
    Apex, NC 27502

    For questions or additional information, please contact Karen Byrd at karen@karenbyrdcpa.com

    Juniors will take the ACT for free at Parkwood High School on February 20, 2019. No student registration is needed for this test. You must be enrolled at PWHS as a Junior in PowerSchool to take the test.  The results from the ACT can be used for college admissions and scholarship opportunities. ACT test prep can be found here. 
    For the first time ever, the SAT will be given to 11th grade students for free at Parkwood High School on April 9, 2019 for free! No student registration is needed for this test.  You must be enrolled at PWHS as a Junior in PowerSchool to take the test. The results from the SAT can be used for college admissions and scholarship opportunities.  Free SAT test prep can be found through College Board and Khan Academy
    EOC (End of Course) and NCFE (North Carolina Final Exams):
    • EOC test requirements include Biology, English II and Math I for all students.
    • NCFE test requirements include all other core classes. (Science, English, Math, Social Studies)
    • All students are required to participate in their enrolled EOC and/or NCFE course exams.
    • Please avoid traveling during testing dates, as early testing is not permitted and make-up testing is limited. 
    Fall testing will be January 14-19, 2019
    Spring testing will be May 31-June 6, 2019


    Disability Services for SPCC courses

    In preparation for the spring semester, we want to make sure there is clarity around students applying for disability services.  Some students incorrectly assume their IEP or 504 plan is transferrable and automatically qualifies them for disability accommodations in college.  There are differences between high school and college disability services. 

    Students must complete the Application for Accommodations to initiate the application process.  Additionally, students must provide documentation from a qualified provider as outlined in the Documentation Guidelines for Disability Services.  If a student would like for us to be able to speak with a parent or third party, even if he or she is under 18 years old, the student must complete the bottom of the Information Consent Release Form.  The application and documentation should be submitted together to expedite the application process.  They can be sent through the student’s SPCC email account, dropped off to Student Services, or mailed.  Once we receive all the materials, we can process the application.  Please note, accommodations may take up to 10 business days to implement after the Disability Services file has been completed (i.e., application and supporting documentation received).

    If approved, the letter of accommodations is only valid for one semester.  Students must request a new letter from disability services each semester.

    You can find more details about the application process and our contact information on our website.  Please let us know if you have any questions; we are happy to provide clarification.  SPCC is closed from December 19-January 1, but we will follow up with you upon our return to the office.


    Scholarships for Veterans- Click here for various scholarship opportunities for Veterans.  


    Huntington Learning Center has partnered with UCPS to offer ACT and SAT test prep for FREE! 

    When: February 16th at CATA for ACT prep and April 6th at Porter Ridge for SAT prep

    REGISTER here! 


    Engineering Academic $10,000 Scholarship at UNCC This is a new scholarship is being offered to students with demonstrated financial need, based on FAFSA.  Students must apply to admission to UNCC, complete the FAFSA, and then apply for the Engineering Academic Pathways at engr.uncc.edu/scholarships. Deadline to complete all above applications is January 31, 2019.


    PSAT and Pre-ACT scores for 10th grade students

    10th grade students will receive their scores from the October 2018 administration during homeroom on 12/19/18.  On Thursday, December 20th in the media center, there will be a parent night to review those test score reports and to learn about test prep options. Contact counseling department with any questions. 


    Registration Info for 2019-2020

    Click here to view classes Parkwood High School will be offering next school year and beyond.  PWHS will be rotating certain classes to offer more choices to students. Use this form in preparation for class registration. Students will see a counselor one on one for class registration. Students will be required to complete the PowerSchool registration when it opens in February/March. More details to come!  During class registration, students can apply for CTE Academies, Early Graduation, Spring 2020 Flex and Career and College Promise classes as well.   


    Martha Guy Summer Institute for Business Leaders- Appalachian State University is taking applications for their summer institute that will be held July 7-27, 2019.  This opportunity is for current high school juniors.  Details can be found at www.marthaguy.appstate.edu.  Application deadline is February 28, 2019.  


    Schedule Changes for the spring schedules can be found on this link HERE.  This form must be completed before seeing a counselor.   


    Students who took SPCC classes in the fall need to return their books to guidance ASAP to avoid a fee! 


    Optimist Club Essay Contest: The Weddington Optimist Club is offering an essay contest for any student under the age of 18.  The essay prompt and full details of the contest can be found in guidance.  Deadline is February 11, 2019.  All submittals are required to be sent in electronic format to bruster1117@msn.com.  


    PSAT score reports: Students can access their PSAT score reports by next week, if they put their email on the answer sheet.  Students can check their email for direction on how to access scores.  If they did not receive an email, paper scores will be available in Janauary that will be sent home.  


    Pre-ACT score reports:  Students will receive paper scores along with their PSAT paper scores in January.  More information to come. 


    Scholarship Information:  Be sure to check Naviance for scholarship opportunities!  All Seniors have been shown how to access this information. 


    Transcript Reminders:  Just a remider that Seniors must add all colleges to their Naviance account when a transcript is needed!  If you need assistance, please see Mrs. Bristow in guidance! As of December 5th, all transcript requests have been fulfilled.  If you are receiving emails that your college did not receive your high school transcript, be sure you added that college on Naviance!  If you already added the college to Naviance, you should call the college and let them know it was sent from Naviance.  Guidance can give you a time stamp and code that reflects when it was sent, if needed.  Most colleges send out bulk emails requesting information that has already been sent.  


     Huntington Learning Center has partnered with UCPS to offer ACT and SAT test prep for FREE! 

    When: Saturday, November 17th at CATA and February 16th at CATA

    REGISTER here! 


    SAT- The next SAT to sign up for will be on December 1.  This will be the last SAT that students can sign up for until March 9.  If you need to take the SAT, be sure to register by November 2 without late fees for the December 1 SAT. 


    Parkwood will be giving the ACT for free to all juniors during the school day on Feb. 20, 2019 and the SAT on April 9, 2019. 


    Gardner-Webb University offers a new concentration in two dimensional design areas like painting, printmaking and drawing, and concentrations in three-dimensional studies in sculpture and ceramics.  For more info, visit gardner-webb.edu.  


    CAW  October 15-19, Seniors can apply to certain colleges for free through CFNC  Students can log into CFNC and apply throught their applciation hub.  Students should request their transcript needs through their Naviance account. 

    For a list of colleges and universities that are offering free applications based on fee waiver eligibility, click free application


    Spring SPCC classes- Students who are taking SPCC classes currently will be meeting with Jeff Jost on Monday, October 15th to determine spring SPCC classes, if needed. If you were unable to meet with SPCC on this day, see Ms. Rape ASAP. 

    Students who are new to the Career and College Promise Program through SPCC will register for spring classes on October 25th.  


    ****Changes to Spring SPCC classes:  If a student drops a SPCC class, the grade will be a "WF" (withdrawal fail) on the transcript until the student provides documentation from SPCC that reflects otherwise. Students who withdrawal after the 5-day drop period will be required to pay for the text. 


    Who sends the ACT or SAT score to college? Students do!  Parkwood High is not allowed to send your score to any college, as they are not considered official.  Students should log into their college board account to send SAT scores (collegeboard.org) and/or actstudent.org to send ACT scores. 


    A college rep from the following colleges will be on PWHS campus to meet with Juniors or Seniors :

    • *ECU- October 25 at 11:30
    • SCAD- October 30 during all lunches 11:30-1:30
    • Campbell- November 6 during all lunches 11:30-1:30
    • *Davidson College- November 6 at 9:00

    *To attend the ECU or Davidson session, you must sign up in guidance. 

    Students are required to make-up any missed work! 


    HAVE YOU COMPLETED YOUR FAFSA?  Questions, come by guidance!


    Lenoir-Rhyne University has announced their 5th year of the LR Teaching Scholars program.  Fall 2019 applicants are now being accepted for consideration.  Seniors should apply by January 10, 2019.  Applications can be found at edu.lr.edu/teachingscholars.  To learn more about the program, attend the prospective scholars event on October 20th. 


    Union Power Cooperative Opportunities

    The Electric Cooperative Youth Tour- for details, visit union-power.com/youthtour, applications due December 1st.  

    College Scholarships- awards 10- $1,000 scholarships, must be a son/daughter of UPC member,  applications due March 22nd, visit union-power.com/collegescholarships.


    CLEMSON Youth Learning Institute- C-CATS Clemson's Challenge for Academically Talented Students- a program designed specifically for high-achieving 9th and 10th grade students.  Students are expected to be ranked int he top 10% of their class and have excellent academic records.  For a nomination, please see Ms. Rape by December 10th.  

      A college rep from the following colleges will be on PWHS campus to meet with Juniors or Seniors :

    • ECU- October 25 at 11:30
    • SCAD- October 30 during all lunches 11:30-1:30

    To attend the ECU session, you must sign up in guidance.  Students are required to make-up any missed work! 


    Union County College Fair will be held for all high school students on October 17th from 2-4pm at Wingate University (McGee Center) 


    Seniors completed their FSA ID Monday and Tuesday with guidance! This is the first step to completing the FAFSA. Parents should also complete a FSA ID to access student FAFSA information.  Below you can find how to create a FSA ID.  


    FAFSA night was held on Tuesday, October 2nd at 5:30 in the media center.  This was a working session to help students and parents complete the FAFSA.  Did you miss the meeting?  Below is a list of items to complete for the FAFSA:


    FAFSA Day To-Do

    1. You need the following items:
      1. Your 2017 tax filings
      2. Social Security Number
      3. FSA ID information
      4. Computer and internet access
    2. Create a FSA ID
      1. Go to https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm.  
      2. Create an FSA ID for yourself and 1 parent
      3. Keep a record of:
        1. Email addresses used (do not use school email)
        2. Answers to security questions
        3. Both FSA ID numbers (you and your parent)
    3. Complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA
      1. Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov
      2. You need info from your 2017 tax filings
      3. Stop and save your FAFSA application when you get to the parent information section. Have your parents complete and sign their section of the FAFSA application.
    4. Complete Residency Determination
      1. Go to https://ncresidency.cfnc.org/residencyInfo/.
      2. Sign in to RDS by using your existing CFNC username and password
    5. FAFSA day is Saturday, October 27th from 9 am to 12 pm
      1. You can visit the following location for help filling out your FAFSA application:
        1. SPCC- closest location to Parkwood High
        2. To register at SPCC or view other locations, go to https://www.onlineregistrationcenter.com/register/222/page1.asp?m=227&c=2949.  


    PSAT will be given to all 10th grade students on October 10th for free.  Juniors who choose to take the PSAT for National Merit Qualifying need to see Ms. Rape for possible fee.  Students should bring their own calculator (scientific or graphing allowed) for the test.  There is no make-up date for the PSAT. 


    PreACT will be given to all 10th grade students on October 15th for free. Other grade levels cannot opt in to this test.  


    Students who are currently taking SPCC classes will register for spring classes on October 15th.  Students who are new to SPCC and have completed registration with Ms. Rape will register for spring classes on October 25th.  



    Current 11th and 12th grade students who are interested in SPCC classes for the spring semester and HAVE NOT completed the application process with Ms. Rape previously should see their counselor by September 28th.   Students who are currently enrolled in SPCC classes or have previously completed the application process will be called the week of October 8th to determine spring classes.  


    College 101 for parents and seniors will be held September 25th at 6:30pm in the auditorium. Information about how to apply to colleges, Naviance implementation and financial aid information. 


    FAFSA night will be held October 2nd at 5:30 pm in the auditorium.  Bring your tax information from 2016 and know your social security number for parent and student.  This informatio is required to apply for ALL financial aid opportunities.  There will financial aid officers available to help parents and students complete the FAFSA on this night! 


    Morehead-Cain Scholarship from UNC-CHapel Hill.  This scholarship is highly competitive and students must complete a nomination form that can be found in guidance. Nomination packets must be completed and returned to Ms. Rape no later than September 14th at 3:00PM.  


    Naviance Updates

    • Students will be updating and completing Naviance tasks on Wednesday, 9/11/18.  
    • Transcripts are only sent through Naviance.  Students must add colleges in Naviance to send a transcript.  There is no other way to send a transcript. 
    • Students can sign into their Naviance account through their Rapid Identity. 
    • Teacher recommendations can only be requested through Naviance.
    • Scholarships are listed in Naviance now!
    • Students who are applying to colleges that require an application through Common App must match their Common App account to Naviance.  This process can be found under the "Colleges I'm Applying to" page in Naviance.  
    • If students select colleges in Naviance that require a Common App application, a transcript cannot be sent through Naviance until it is listed in Common App.  
    • Questions about Naviance?  Contact Mrs. Bristow in guidance! 

    Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Rice University, and the University of Chicago will hold an informational session in Charlotte on October 2nd.  To reserve a seat, go to exploringeducationalexcellence.org .  

    Quest Bridge is a nationally recognized nonprofit that connects high-achieving, low-income students to full four-year scholarship at the nation's best colleges.  Students should be an outstanding Senior who is academically strong and exhibits a strong personal character.  These students typically rank in the top 5-10% of their class and earn A's in the most challenging courses available.  Students must come from householdfs earning less than $65,000 annually.  For more information, go to questbridge.org.  Deadline is September 27, 2018.  


    Service Academy Day will be held on September 22, 2018 for attendees to meet with representatives from each service academy (U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and U.S. Coast Guard Academy).  This event will be held at Wake Tech's Southern (Main) Campus in Raleigh.  For more information, call 919-856-4630.  This event is hosted by the United States Senate, Thom Tillis.  


    Campbell University has announced a new track for students: Studio Art with Teacher Licensure. If you are interested in teaching art this is a great opportunity for you! 


    Union Baptist Association has announced the Donna Pittman Christmas Toy Store for families in need.  A completed referral is required by Octobver 19th.  To obtain a referrla, contact Mr. Thompson in guidance.  

    Prudential Spirit of Community Awards- Students who have volunteered over the past year to apply for 2019 award at spirit.prudential.com.  Application deadline is November 6, 2018.  


    DAR Good Citizens Awards and Scholarship Contest- This program is recognizes and awards individuals who possess good citizenship qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism in their homes, schools and communities.  An essay is required and can be obtained from Ms. Rape.  Deadline is October 2nd for essay.  


    NCSSM will be at Marvin High School for an informational meeting on September 18th.  If you are interested in learning more about the NC School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) an admissions rep will be at Marvin Ridge on September 18th to share information about their residential, online, and Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics programs. The presentation will begin promptly at 6:00PM in the Media Center.