• Standardized testing is an important part of the college application process. Students are learning the content for these tests throughout high school. It is important to know when a student should take their standardized testing. Here is a breakdown of when students will take each test: 

    Pre-ACT- Taken during the fall of the sophomore year (typically October.) Tenth graders at CHS are automatically registered for this test.  
    PSAT (Pre-SAT) - Taken during the fall of the Sophomore and Junior year (typically October.) Tenth and Eleventh graders at CHS are automatically registered for this test.  
    SAT and ACT - SAT and ACT tests are offered throughout the school year beginning in Sept./Oct. through June. Students must register for these tests on their own time and at their own expense. There are fee waivers available for the tests if you qualify for free/reduced lunch. All CHS Juniors will take the ACT, during March, and the SAT, during April, for free. These administrations are provided by the state of North Carolina. All juniors will take these tests during a regular school day on the CHS campus. Juniors are automatically registered for both tests. Any additional tests that you wish to take are your responsibility to register for! We recommend that all juniors complete their standardized testing by the end of their junior year. However, some students do retake the ACT/SAT as seniors to improve their score. We have found that in general the scores from the earliest administrations for the SAT (Aug./Oct.) and ACT (Sept.) will be added to your application in time for the Early Action review processes. Please confirm this with your colleges! 


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    Free Test Prep Resources - These resources have some practice tests and tutorials for free. They may also have paid components as well. We in no way endorse these websites or recommend that you pay for certain features on these sites. 

    PSAT score report video


    Link to Khan Academy Practice Site:

    Power Point from the PLAN Night Parent Presentation Understanding Your PLAN Results  
    Plan Student Website:
    Videos about the PLAN Results:  
    SAT and ACT Frequently Asked Questions:
    Should I take the ACT or the SAT?
    ACT contains a science section whereas the SAT does not. If science is a strength, then the ACT may be the test for you. The SAT tends to have a stronger focus on vocabulary. Both tests contain advanced math concepts. If you are not sure which test is best for you, we recommend taking both and then retesting in the one that felt more like your style of test.
    When should I take the SAT / ACT?
    In general, we recommend that you take the SAT/ACT during the spring semester of your junior year. Of course, when you take math and English may impact your standardized test timeline. If you are taking English and math during the Fall semester of your junior year, then you may want to consider taking the test towards the end of the fall semester or at the beginning of the Spring semester when those subjects are fresh.  
    Does CHS send my scores to colleges?
    We do not send standardized test scores to colleges. Students are responsible for sending scores through the testing websites.  You may go to to send your SAT scores or to send your ACT scores. Score report fees range from $11.25 - $12.00 each.
    When you register for the tests, you will be asked if you want to send your score report to four schools for free. At the time of registration you can enter four university codes and scores will be sent to those schools for free. You must decide this at the time of registration. Participating in the "free report" is optional.
    Does it cost to send scores?
    Score report fees range from $11.25 - $12.00 each.
    How many time should I take the test?
    How many times you take the test really is a personal decision. You can take the tests as many times as you want. Typically during the first administration you are learning the format of the test, types of questions, timing, etc. The second time you take the test it is more familiar therefore students are more relaxed and may perform better. 
    What is the average score of an SAT or ACT?
    The national average SAT score is 500 on each section (1000 is average on a 2 SAT part score.) The national average ACT Composite score is 21.
    What is superscoring?
    Superscoring is when colleges take the highest scores from each section of a test given over multiple administrations to give a new higher total score. For example, If you took the SAT in March and scored 520 on the Math and 480 on the Critical Reading and then you took the SAT again in June and scored a 510 on the Math and a 550 on the Critical Reading. Then a school that superscores would give you a combined SAT total of 1070 (520 MA + 550 CR.) 
    Not all universities superscore. It is important to ask each admissions office what their policy is on superscoring. All UNC System schools superscore the SAT and the ACT. Please note that old and new SAT scores will not be superscored. 
    Can I take the test my senior year?
    Some students want to take the SAT or ACT one more time during their senior year. We recommend that you take it as early as possible (usually Sept for ACT and Oct. SAT) if you are going to take the test during your senior year. Typically students who take the tests in Sept. / Oct. will get scores added to their files in time for Early Action application consideration. We recommend students who are applying Early Action and who want to take one more standardized test, they should go ahead and submit their application with an existing test score and then take the Fall semester SAT/ACT and have it added to their completed application.