Fill out your FAFSA! The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is an online form that students (with help from their parents or guardians) complete to apply and qualify for federal financial aid (grants and loans) to help pay for college. Your FAFSA unlocks many merit and all needs-based scholarships. Make this one of your first priorities to complete during October of senior year. Parents or guardians should have their tax information available to make it easier to apply for the FAFSA – the earlier the better! You can apply through my StudentAid mobile app or the FAFSA website. 
    Scholarships are wonderful financial aid awards designed with the purpose of helping students pay for college! It is never too early to begin looking for scholarships! There are so many scholarship opportunities available. You can find scholarships offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, and professional and social organizations. Planning early can really pay off!

    Please keep in mind that finding scholarships is a student and family-led process. Make sure to follow all directions and deadlines set forth by each individual college, corporation or organization. Please pay close attention the instructions, requirements, and deadlines for each scholarship. 
    A current and updated list of scholarships available for CHS students can be found HERE.
    As you apply to colleges, please be sure to check the college/university website for a listing of scholarships and deadlines. You will also want to research deadlines for applications, FAFSA information, and check to see if they require the CSS/Financial Aid Profile. Do not be intimidated by the high costs of private colleges. They usually offer more scholarship money, which helps offset the cost! Many of these scholarships are given automatically and some require application. Going to the Financial Aid page for each college you apply to is very helpful to understand the endowment available for incoming freshmen. 
     Below are some of the schools that offer individual scholarships!
    • Appalachian State University
    • East Carolina University 
    • Davidson College
    • NC A&T University
    • NC Central University
    • UNC-Asheville
    • UNC-Chapel Hill
    • UNC-Charlotte
    • UNC-Greensboro
    • UNC-Pembroke
    • UNC-Wilmington
    • Western Carolina University
    • Winston Salem State University