• Class of 2024

    Transcripts requested for colleges and universities will be sent electronically through Scoir. Students do not need to request these as initial, mid-year, and final transcripts will be sent when a student has moved their colleges to the applying column.

    Requests for summer programs and scholarships should be requested using the following form: Transcript Request Form  



    Please click on this link  to request SPCC transcripts be sent to colleges and universities.

    CHS Alumni
    School records are kept onsite for one year after you graduate. If you graduated in 2023, please email our registrar, Ms. Debbie Morton, to request a transcript. If you graduated in 2022 or earlier, your records are available through the UCPS central office. The following is a link to the UCPS website where you can request your transcript. You will find "How to Obtain an Official Copy of Your Transcript" under the UCPS Announcements section.