• Hello Seniors!

    We hope you are looking forward to your final year of high school! You should have received an invitation to activate your account, along with a tutorial that includes step-by-step instructions. Here a link to the UCPS College Readiness page which contains numerous tutorials (for both parents and students) to help you get started with SCOIR and learn about the program’s features and functionality.

    Please do not request counselor or teacher recommendations in Common App, etc. you may enter your counselor or teacher’s name, but do not enter their email address as your recommendations will be submitted through SCOIR. This video provides helpful SCOIR student application and recommendation information https://vimeo.com/407576336.

    As a reminder, official transcripts will not be available to send to colleges and universities until after the 10th day of the school year. This is to allow for the inclusion of all schedule changes, new enrollments and an accurate updated rank. We will announce when you may begin requesting official transcripts. If you are in need of an unofficial transcript for application information, please reach out to Ms. McAleer at Agnes.McAleer@ucps.k12.nc.us .

    Go Cavs!


    • If you have already begun the application process on Common App or Coalition please reference the information below for working with SCOIR and those platforms.


    Using Common Application with SCOIR 

    Using Coalition Application with SCOIR

    How to request counselor and teacher recommendations


    Click here for SCOIR senior directions!