• Questions about High School?


    At the end of 8th grade, during the high school registration process, students are given a Program of Studies book that they are to keep for the next four years.  The Program of Studies describes in detail course descriptions of all classes taught in UCPS, grading scale, graduation requirements, and more! Click on your graduation year to the right for your Program of Study! 


     Parkwood High School Basic Information:

    • Block Scheduling
    • 4.0 GPA scale
    • 10 point grading scale
    • We rank student on exact calculations
    • College-going students are on a College Prep track
  • UCPS Global Scholars Program 

    • Student must complete all requirements for a NC high school diploma
    • Submit a Service Learning Project that will allow them to contribute to the local, national, or world community 
    • The following courses must also be completed for consideration:
      • 1 credit in Earth/Environmental Science
      • 4 credits in social studies (Ex. World History, Global Awareness)
      • 2 credits in World Language
      • 6 credits elective credits to include at least two second-level or advanced courses (Ex. AP European History, AP World, Leadership Exploration, Remember the Holocaust, Computer Programming I, II, JROTC Global Studies of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, etc.)
    • See Mr. Williams for details and Service Learning Project submission.
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  • NC Academic Scholars Program

    • Students must have an overall un-weighted GPA of 3.5
    • Will receive a seal of recognition attached to their high school diploma
    • May use the recognition in applying to colleges aand universities
    • Required classes include:
      • 4 English credits (English I,II,III,IV)
      • 4 Math credits (Math I, II, III and a 4th math above Math III)
      • 3 Science credits (Earth Science or AP Environmental, Biology, Chemistry or Physics
      • 1 Health/PE credit 
      • 4 Social Studies credit (World, Civics& Economics, American I & II)
      • 4 elective credits in CTE, Art Education, or other academic area)
      • 2 credits in World Language
      • 3 Honors level credits taken in 11th/12th grade years, including dual enrollment courses
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