Advanced Placement

  • Porter Ridge High School is an AP Capstone School!

    The Advanced Placement testing program offers students an opportunity to earn college credit upon successfully completing an AP exam in a given subject. PRHS provides a number of AP classes that prepare students to sit for AP exams in May. These exams are scored on a 5-point scale, with a 1 as the lowest grade and a 5 as the highest. Traditionally, AP students scoring a 3, 4, or 5 could receive some college credit at the college they attended. However, a score of 3 no longer guarantees a student college credit; be sure to consult the course catalog of the college or university in question to see what scores will earn you credit.

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    This unique program from the College Board allows students to take two additional AP Courses unique to the AP Capstone program. These courses are AP Seminar and AP Research. Starting with the class of 2021, students may take these courses along with other AP Courses and be eligible to work towards an AP Capstone Diploma from the College Board. According to College Board, AP Capstone is built on the foundation of two AP® courses — AP Seminar and AP Research — and is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth, discipline-specific study experienced in other AP courses. More information can be found on the College Board website. If interested, please contact your counselor.

    To learn more about the AP Capstone Diploma Program please click here.