Applying to College

    Use your Personal Email (not your school email) when creating accounts or communicating with colleges. 
    Steps in Applying to College:
    • Complete CFNC NC Residency Determination at - must be completed if applying to any North Carolina Colleges
      • use your login when signing in, do not create a new account if you have a account
    • Begin applying August 1st of senior year.  Apply by colleges early action deadline dates.
    • Request transcripts be sent through Naviance.  Must list a college in the "Colleges Applying To" section and then request a transcript.
    • Request letters of recommendations through Naviance. Click here on how to request a recommendation. Watch video at bottom of page. 
      • Complete the Brag Sheet and Resume on Naviance for teachers to use when completing your letter of recommendation.
      • Counselors and teachers require at least two weeks notice for college/scholarship recommendations!
    • Request ACT and/or SAT test scores be sent by the testing agency. Test scores are not on your high school transcript.
    • Submit applications by deadline dates with application fee.

    How to Apply to College:

    • Online application at the Colleges Website
    • - can apply to North Carolina Colleges 
      • CFNC Application Week of October 21-25, 2019 through – some private NC colleges will waive the application fee during this week
    • - Common Applications allows you to apply to colleges around the country with one application
      • students will have to pay the application fee for each college they are applying to
      • see below under Naviance for Common App Matching process with Naviance
    • Students can research colleges and scholarships.
    • Students will requests transcripts and letters of recommendations through Naviance. Click on following video link:
    • How to access Naviance: Log in to your account. Click on the big "C" clever box.  Then click on the Naviance box.
    • Students using Common App will need to complete the Common App Account Matching process with Naviance once they have:
      1. Created a Common App account.
      2. List Porter Ridge High School as your high school in the Education section.
      3. Click the My Colleges tab and add at least one college
      4. Click Recommenders and FERPA
      5. Sign the FERPA Release Authorization.

                    Complete the matching process in Naviance by:

      1. Log in to Naviance Student.  
      2. Navigate to Colleges > Colleges I'm Applying To.
      3. If the accunts are not matched, a message will display at the top of the window, along with a Match Accounts button.
      4. Click Match Accounts in pink banner.
      5. Scroll to bottom and put in email you used when creating Common App account and Date of Birth.
      6. Click Match Accounts.

     Video on how to match your Naviance and Common Application accouts.


    Video on how to Request a Letter of Recommendation.