SAT / ACT Testing Information


    Juniors should take the SAT and/or ACT twice in their junior year. Colleges recommend students to have all testing completed by the October test date of their senior year.

    ACT Information -

    The ACT will be given to all juniors, at no cost, during the school day on February 20, 2019 as part of a statewide program. For this test date students do not have to register for the test on their own.  For any additional ACT testing, students have to register at the website above and pay for the exam. Test dates are listed below.

    SAT Information -

    The SAT will be given to all juniors, at no cost, during the school day on date April 9th.  Students will be registered by the school for this test date.

    For any additional testing students must register at the website above. Test dates are listed below. Be sure to register as early as possible, in order to be assigned to your first-choice test center. Students who receive testing accommodations must apply for testing accommodations at least 8 weeks prior to the test date with CollegeBoard. Click here for SAT Testing Accommodations Information. See your counselor at school for more information.

    • Fee waivers are available for both exams for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Students need to see their counselor for the waiver.
    • The tests can be taking with or without the writing.  Students should check with the colleges they are planning to apply to see if the writing is required. 
    • Students can send scores to 4 colleges when registering for the test without any extra fee.  

    SAT Testing Dates - 2018-2019

          ACT Testing Dates - 2018-2019

    Register at
    • August 25th register by 8/7, late fee 8/15
    • October 6th register by 9/7, late fee 9/26
    • November 3rd register by 10/5, late fee 10/24
    • December 1st register by 11/2, late fee 11/20
    • March 9th register by 2/8, late fee 2/27
    • May 4th register by 4/5, late fee 4/24
    • June 1st register by 5/3, late fee 5/22

         Fee - $47.50 no essay; $64.50 with essay

         (If you receive free or reduced lunch or have a financial need see a          counselor to see if you qualify for a fee waiver for either test.)

          Register at
    • September 8th register by 8/10, late fee 8/26
    • October 27th register by 9/28, late fee 10/14
    • December 8th register by 11/2, late fee 11/19
    • February 9th register by 1/11, late fee 1/18
    • April 13th register by 3/8, late fee 3/25
    • June 8th register by 5/3, late fee 5/20
    • July 13th register by 6/14, late fee 6/24

          Fee - $50.50 no writing; $67 with writing



    Free Online SAT/ACT Test Preparation:

    Practice Tests:
    • The PreACT will be given to sophomores on October 29th.  There is no cost for the exam.  This is practice for the ACT taken in 11th grade. 
    • The PSAT/NMSQT will be given to Sophomores on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. There is no cost for sophomores to take the exam. Juniors who would like to take the PSAT will need to pay $16.  Not only is this is a practice test for the SAT, but it is also entry into the National Merit and National Achievement Scholarship programs for juniors.