• Porter Ridge High School offers a wider variety of courses in the Arts, including Art, Band, Theatre, and Chorus.  Learning in the Arts allows students to discover their more creative side and can lead to better achievement in academics, social-emotional learning, and leadership traits. 

    Art Program

    • For a detailed description of the Art Program at PRHS click here.
    • Students at the high school level will have the option of studying an individual arts discipline as an area of interest, or specializing or completing a concentration in studies to prepare them for further education and/or a career in the arts.
    • In addition to Beginning to Advanced level art classes (referred to as Visual Arts I-IV), we also offer Ceramics and AP Art & Design (2-D and Drawing) at Porter Ridge High School.


    Band Program


    Chorus Program

    • Mixed Chorus I is classified as beginning chorus but is required for everyone to take before they move to the higher levels of chorus. You will get a basic level of reading music and how to sing in choir. You will have performances as a group after school for this class.
    • Mixed Chorus II-IV is classified as intermediate chorus which will be the next level of chorus. This class will work on the same singing skills as beginning chorus but on a higher level of difficulty. You will have performances after school for this class.
    • Concert Chorus I-IV is classified as Advanced Chorus which is the highest level of chorus at PRHS. This is the most difficult level and has the highest level of commitment.  You will still sing in this class but on a much higher difficulty level. There is not a formal audition process for this class but you will be chosen based on ability and commitment level based on your performance and behavior in beginning and intermediate chorus classes. You will have performances after school and outside of the school for this class.
    • AP Music Theory will be offered when enough students sign up to take the class. This class is about how music works and the writing techniques and rules from the 1800’s.  This class is challenging but helpful if you enjoy music and want to go deeper than just performing it in your ensembles. This class can be taken by band or chorus students, but students must be in one of the performing ensembles at PRHS as a prerequisite for this class.  

    Theatre Program

    • Beginning Theatre (Theatre I)-In Theatre I students will be introduced to the basic concepts of theatre and technical this will give them a strong foundation for future levels of theatre. Topics covered include but are not limited to acting, improvisation, playwriting, technical theatre and Shakespeare. Students will also participate in The Beginning Theatre showcase where they will perform, direct and run technical elements for a performance of student works.

    • Intermediate Theatre (Theatre II)-In Theatre II students will build on the foundation they learned in theatre I. Topics covered will include acting, script analysis, children’s, Moliere and Arthur Miller. Students will participate in a children's theatre production which will be presented to some of our feeder schools.

    • Proficient and Advance Theatre (Theatre III & IV)-In Theatre III & IV students will learn advanced theatre techniques. They will explore both Stanisklavsky and Viewpoints methods. In addition to this we will study Medieval Theatre, Roman Theatre and Technical. Students will also perform in our entry for the North Carolina Theatre Conference play festival. 

    • Tech Theatre I & II-Students will learn the basics of technical theatre. This will including studying areas of lighting design, sound design, set design, costume design and make up design. Students will practically apply these skills to support school productions.

    • Musical Theatre-Students will work collaboratively to create a fully realized musical productions. Students will learn music, choreography and acting techniques. Students will also have the opportunity to participate as pit musicians and backstage technichians.