Technology "How To" page

  • UCPS Tutorials on how to connect chromebook to internet, how to sign in, etc...   <--click for link

    Canvas Student Readiness Checklist for students.   <--click for link

    Canvas Readiness Parent Checklist  (Lista de verificación de preparación de los padres para Canvas) <--click for document

    Parents should access the above document to learn how to access their child's course.  While all parents are invited to ask their HS student to show them their student work in the Canvas course, being a parent observer allows you to provide an additional layer of support to your teenage student.  The above document will allow you to discover answers to the following questions:

    • What is a Parent Observer?
    • How do you get an Observer account?
    • How do you navigate Canvas?
    • How can you get the Canvas Parent App?

    Technology Help Desk Ticket Information  <--click for link-->  Help Desk Link

    Student Apps Locker

     The Help Desk is an important link for students to access when they have difficulty with their chromebook or access to the internet.   

    The Student Apps Locker are available applications that students can download onto their chromebook.  Both students and parents should check these UCPS-approved apps out!

    E-learning Netiquette for Pirates using any online learning system  <--click for document

    •  See the recommendations on how to interact in a respectful manner with teachers in an online course.  

    Joining a Live Class    <--click for video

    • STUDENTS WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO JOIN CLASSES FROM HOME THIS YEAR UNLESS THE SCHOOL IS ON A REMOTE DAY. The above video shows students how to enter a live instruction class by accessing their Canvas calendar.  Teachers will post the link to their Microsoft Team meetings on the course Canvas page.  We request all students to enter in this manner so that their is a record of their attendance in the teacher's Canvas course. 

    PRHS Microsoft Teams Intro for Students and Parents  <--click for video

    • Microsoft Teams is the virtual meeting platform that Teachers will be using to:
      • Connect with Students who are learning remotely that day
      • Allow collaboration between students in different classrooms if set up by teacher.  
      • Connects Students and Teachers during a Teams meeting by allowing the student and teacher to communicate using a Chat Feature. 
      • Allows teachers to use the camera feature to assess student work and to provide immediate feedback even when students are not in the physical classroom, but may be attending a virtual tutoring session.
      • Conferences for individual/small groups of students for purposes of feedback and tutoring.