School Schedules and Student Schedules

  • First Week of school is the week of Monday 8/28/23

    • ALL students start school on Monday 8/28/23.  All students attend school every day. 

    new sticker  Parent and Student Portals re-open for PRHS on 8/14 at @ Noon.  You can see class schedules there.  Please note that while we expect these to be the schedules when school starts, changes in staffing can cause us to make schedule changes if needed.   Students newly enrolling at PRHS will have their schedule created after attending a registration meeting. 

    PR Schedule Information <--click for document (updated to reflect current access options)

    • See above for directions on how to access and read a schedule.  Information is given about how to determine first and second semester courses.  Please remember that schedules are tentative and can change based on staffing, changes in courses offered, or other school-based reasons.  NOTE:  Students can access schedules through their Student PowerSchool account by logging into     Parents will not have access to see schedules on Parent Portal until 10 days into the semester. Parents should ask students to pull schedule up through the student's account.  
    • Schedule correction requests will be accepted via a posted google doc link on our website starting Monday 8/21/23.  Please remember that we only change schedules if you are missing a required course, you were scheduled in a course you already took or you do not meet pre-requisite requirements for, or you need the course to attend a specific college and you are a senior.  THE SCHEDULE CORRECTION CRITERIA AND PROCEDURE CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE. 
    • Supply Lists will be given out by teachers on the first day of class. Students should bring paper and pen/pencil with them to school the first day.  

    new sticker

    How to access your schedule on your phone using the Powerschool app.     (Please note these directions are for 21-22, school year, so just substitute this year 23-24 as needed.)

    • download the powerschool app on your phone so that your schedule is on your device!
    • All students will report straight to first period on the first day of school and they should have their schedule available on their chromebook or phone.  If a student does not have a chromebook and cannot download the app to their phone, they can see an Administrator near the office for assistance. 

    Map - 

    Students may access by clicking here but MUST be logged into their UCPS account to do so for security reasons. 
    Maps will be available on paper at Open House events. Students are encouraged to use link and store map on phone if needed. Please know that staff are available throughout school to help students navigate their class schedule for the full first week. 

    School start and end time for PRHS:  8:10 am - 3:05 pm

    • Students may enter the building at 7:45 am.  No students should arrive prior to this time. Students may stop to pick up breakfast, but will report directly to their classrooms. 

    Bell Schedule