Online Course Options

  • North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS):

    NCVPS offers online classes to students in grades 9-12.  Specific information is available at


    Guidelines for taking classes are as follows:

    • Online learning is not the best type of instruction for all students.  Students must have the approval of their counselor to register for an online course.  Please note that online instruction is not an “easy way out” to avoid harder classes or extra work. Online classes follow the same syllabus as traditional classroom courses.
    • Students may take a course not available at CATA,  or a course that cannot work in their schedule.
    • The only courses available to UCPS students are those on the approved list. Courses requiring a state EOC Exam will not be offered.
    • It is suggested that students are limited to two online courses per semester, but permission for additional courses may be requested through the Guidance Counselor. 
    • Students who enroll in Advanced Placement classes through NCVPS are yearlong.
    • Courses taken, and the final grade earned, will be calculated in the student’s grade point average and class rank and will appear on the final transcript. 
    • There is a 10-day drop period in which students may drop a class without penalty.  After the drop date, the course and grade will appear on the student’s transcript. 


    Union County Virtual Public School (UCVPS):

    UCPS is developing its own version of on-line coursework, UC Virtual Public School. Course modules are developed, implemented, and taught by highly qualified UCPS teachers. These semester long courses are available in an on-line fashion in the home school. Courses are continuing to be added. Guidelines for UCVPS classes are the same as the NCVPS guidelines listed above.