September – October:

    · Attend College Fairs, take tours of colleges.  Check colelge websites for Virtual Tours.

           * CACRAO Virtual College Exploration Sept 14 -October 9th.  Register at

    · Sign up for October / November SAT ( or ACT (

    · Check with your college to see if you need to take the SAT subject tests.

    ·  Search for scholarships on the college websites where you are applying, Naviance and other free scholarship search engines.

    · If applying to any North Carolina Colleges, to qualify as a NC resident you must complete the NC Residency Determination at

    · Begin process to complete 4 year college/university applications online.

                              □ By October 15th early applications should be completed.

                              □ to apply to North Carolina Colleges

                              □ Common Application for colleges throughout the country who will accept it

                              □ Common Application for colleges throughout the country who will accept it

    · CFNC – College Application Week – October 19th-23rd, 2020  (some private colleges will be free to apply to during this week through CFNC).

    · Check what financial aid forms are required by college – FAFSA, Profile, colleges on form.

    · Go online and complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) beginning October 1st at

                               □ Parent and student should get ther FSA ID prior to applying - this is your electronic signature

    · Visit colleges on open house days.

    · If you plan to play a sport in college, register online for NCAA or NAIA Clearing house.

    · If required by college, begin essay.

    · Complete your Recommendation Brag Sheet on SCOIR.

    · Request for high school transcripts, recommendation letters, and secondary reports/counselor statement forms to be sent through SCOIR.

    · Line up teachers for possible recommendation letters. Give teachers a thank you note. 


     November – January:

    · College decisions begin arriving.  Congratulations to those that have been accepted; let your counselor know. 

    · Check for mid-year application deadlines.

    · Continue to check PRHS scholarship list, college websites, and free scholarships search websites for scholarships.


    February – May:

    · If interested in attending SPCC or CPCC Community College complete application, orientation and set up to meet with an advisor at the college.

    · Let your counselor know what colleges you have been accepted to and if you have received any scholarship offers (even those you do not plan to attend).

    · Keep your grades up; your acceptance was based on the GPA on your transcript

    · Before May, let your school know you are attending their school.  Be sure to make your deposit.

    · Athletes complete the NCAA/NAIA requirements.

    · Complete senior end of year survey form through SCOIR.