• Career Pathways and Academies at Porter Ridge High School:

    PRHS has a host of career pathways that support students as they select their courses throughout their high school years. Each of these pathways includes careers students can explore and related courses offered at PR. These pathways assist students in choosing courses as they prepare for future studies and the work force.  Future studies may include four year college, community college, military, technical schools, or on the job training. Porter Ridge HS believes that providing options for focused areas of study in high school students can best prepare themselves for both college and career options.  

    Pathways at Porter Ridge High School include: JROTC, Animal Science, Architect, Arts, Business Management, Culinary, Digital Media, Education, Engineering, Finance, Health Science, Information Technology, Law & Public Safety, and Liberal Arts.

    Please click here to see Porter Ridge Pathway Posters.  From these posters you can click on a link to a pathway to learn more about possible career choices.  

    Please click here for more information on courses listed.  This link will take you to a page where you can choose the UCPS Program of Studies which contains course descriptions.  

    Porter Ridge HS also offers Junior and Senior year Academies that are open to PRHS students and students from across UCPS. These Academies include:

    For a list of all UCPS Academies click here.