Frontline Employee Portal

  • Once you click the above employee portal link you may see different screens. If you are already logged into your UCPS Google account, the next screen will be a list of Frontline programs to which you have access.

    Frontline app login screenn

    If you are not already logged into your UCPS Google account, you should see this screen allowing you to type in your UCPS email address and password:

    Note: If Frontline does not recognize your UCPS Google login, please submit a help desk ticket  

    Important:  If you are already logged into a personal Google account (common with cell phones), you will need to either log out of your personal Google or open the SSO link in a private window so you can type in your UCPS credentials.

    If you see this login screen instead, you will need to click "Or sign in with Organizational SSO"

    Sign in sample1


    The next screen will be where you will enter your UCPS email address and password and click "look up organization sign in page"

    Login Screen Sample2

    This will direct you to the Google login screen (see above) to enter your UCPS email and password.


    Saving the SSO as a bookmark/favorite:

    If you choose to save the bookmark, you will need to edit your bookmark to allow future access.

    Editing a bookmark in Chrome:

    • Right-click on your bookmark and left-click on edit:

     Edit Bookmark in Chrome

     Edit URL


    Need to update your contact information?

    Please submit address, phone, and emergency contact changes as well as name change requests with forms in Frontline.  Click here for more information.  


    Additional information:

    Logging into Frontline will allow you to switch between Frontline Central and Frontline Absence Management (sub system). 

    This is located at the top left of your dashboard.

    Frontline/Absence Management Toggle


    Once you log into your Frontline account, you can access the links below to help you learn more about Frontline.

    You can also click the question mark and click on Frontline Support which is located at the top right section of your Frontline dashboard:  

    Frontline Support


    Frontline Central (Employee Portal) Help

    Employee Absence Management (Substitute system) Help