Frontline Employee Portal

  • Updated 08/26/2020

    Frontline Employee Link:

    Substitutes: Please go to this webpage for access.


    Important info for Employees:

    • Please delete Frontline bookmarks you have previously saved.
    • Your Frontline ID and password are no longer valid once you access Frontline with the SSO link above.
    • You will need to be logged to your UCPS Google account so that Frontline will grant you access
    • If you choose to save the bookmark, you will need to edit your bookmark (instructions below) to allow future access.

    If Frontline does not recognize the UCPS Google login associated with your account (or if your UCPS Google does not match your UCPS email), please submit a help desk ticket with details.  For example, if Sue.Jones is your UCPS Google account name but your UCPS email is Susan.Jones, this will create an error.  The difference in user names will need to be included in the help ticket.


    Please submit address, phone, and emergency contact changes as well as name change requests with forms in Frontline.  Click here for more information.


    Logging into Frontline will allow you to switch between Frontline Central and Frontline Absence Management (sub system).  This is located in the top left of your dashboard.

    Frontline/Absence Management Toggle


    Once you log into your Frontline account, you can access the links below to help you learn more about Frontline.

    You can also click the question mark and click on Frontline Support which is located at the top right section of your Frontline dashboard:


    Frontline Support


    Editing a bookmark in Chrome:

    Right click on your bookmark and left click on edit:

     Edit Bookmark in Chrome


     Copy and paste the link below in the URL window and click save.

     Edit URL


    Links for Frontline Central (employee portal) help:

    Popular questions

    Quick start guide

    Accessing forms

    Browser support - Clearing history


    Links for Employee Absence Management (sub system) Help:

    Popular questions

    Getting Started

    The Employe Home Page

    Quick start guide

    Managing Personal Information

    Changing your PIN