• Union County Public Schools is offering students an opportunity to explore and engage in one of the fastest-growing industries in the state and region. Agrotechnology (AgTech) is the integration of technology in the agricultural industry. Agriculture careers involve more than farming. Agricultural education prepares students for over 300 careers in agriculture, such as production, financing, processing, marketing, veterinary medicine, robotics, automation and agricultural product distribution. 

    AgTech is offered at Union Elementary, Wingate Elementary, East Union Middle and Forest Hills High

    Why AgTech? 

    • Interest in AgTech is growing and it supports other district offerings such as culinary, automotive and health sciences. 
    • Union County’s agricultural production accounts for 55% of its land mass (186,626 acres). While agriculture occupies the bulk of the land, few students know the great potential and range of options that agriculture and/or agricultural-related fields can provide for their future. 
    • There are several career options in agriculture, yet there is a labor shortage. 

    Key partners 

    Union County Public Schools is thankful for the support of partnerships including the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, South Piedmont Community College and Wingate University