Facilities Overview

  • The Facilities Department is charged with providing a safe environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.  Being safe involves security, healthy environmental conditions, clean conditioned air and appropriate lighting, amongst others.

    Our mission is to equip stakeholders with the environment they need to provide a quality education for the students of Union County Public Schools.

    The Facilities Department provides the following services to Union County Public Schools:

    1. Planning: Monitor growth and plan for new schools, additions, and renovations.
    2. Construction: Retain the services of design professionals to design and facilitate the bidding and construction of new schools, additions, and renovations.
    3. Maintenance: Provide routine and scheduled maintenance of the facilities to stave off the replacement of building components and to assure safe and lively grounds.
    4. Custodial Services: Provide daily and scheduled cleaning services of the facilities and assist maintenance with replacing filters and lights.
    5. Warehousing: Provide daily courier services between all facilities; receive, store, and disseminate cleaning and toiletry products to all facilities; and, provide for the pick-up, storage (short and long term), and distribution of furniture and equipment.
    6. Other support functions: Provide for maintenance of stormwater facilities, wastewater facilities, and vehicles (facilities and drivers education) maintenance.

    The Facilities Department is staffed with professionals (licensed where appropriate and/or required) that are experts in their trades ranging from electricians, carpenters, plumbers, planners, architects, engineers, electronic technicians, HVAC technicians, painters, custodians, mechanics, and grounds workers.

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