Purchasing and Contracts Overview

  • The main purpose of Central Purchasing Department is to obtain the best quality services and materials in the most cost-effective manner for Union County Public Schools.
    These materials the department purchases include office supplies, computers and furniture, which benefit all UCPS staff. 
    Services include waste management, printing services and uniform rentals. Waste management involves trash pickup at all school locations. Printing services involve working with print companies for commercial print jobs. Uniforms are rented for transportation, facilities and custodial services. 
    The department works in conjunction with Facilities personnel on any new construction of UCPS properties. Proposals are sent to prospective contractors for bids by the department. 
    The following comprise the Central Purchasing Department:
    Brandt Fitzgerald, Director of Purchasing CPM, 400 North Church Street, Monroe, 704-290-1547 
    Penny Helms, Purchasing and Contract Coordinator, 201 Venus Street, Monroe, 704-291-9255
    Lynn Elms, Purchasing Agent and E-Procurement Specialist, 400 North Church Street, Monroe, 704-290-1547 
    Nancy Massey, P-Card and Fixed Assets Specialists, 400 North Church Street, Monroe, 704-290-1546
Brandt Fitzgerald

Brandt Fitzgerald, Director Purchasing/Contracts

  • Phone:  704-290-1548

    Fax:  704-283-1657