Staff Development/Professional Development (PD) Overview

  • “The purpose of staff development is not just to implement instructional innovations; its central purpose is to build strong collaborative work cultures that will develop the long term capacity for change.” - Michael Fullan


    Continue to visit UCPS's Staff Development 'Professional Learning Opportunities' link for professional learning opportunities being offered within and outside of the district.  


    Do you need Literacy or Digital Learning Competencies (DLCs) CEUs? Search UCPS's 'Professional Learning Opportunities' link using key words such as, "Literacy" or "DLC" or "Digital Learning Competencies".

    During the teleworking timeframe, the following are answers to FAQs.  Please know the following is for the “majority” of licensed educators.  There are other variables that may impact some (i.e. Lateral Entry/Residency, Validated/expired license, etc.), yet: 

    • You cannot view your CEU history at home, as CEU histories are housed in HRMS, which is intranet only.
    • All current CEU renewal credit requirements can be found at:
    • The above referenced "...need Literacy or DLCs CEUs?" bullet and link are available in NCEES for full time UCPS-educators; not everyone has access to NCEES due to their position or hiring status.  If a course is successfully completed in NCEES, the completion certificate does not need to be submitted, as it will eventually sync to UCPS in HRMS (intranet only) to later be uploaded to one's CEU history in HRMS (intranet only).
    • NCEES categorizes most of their courses as “General” CEU credit. Referenced courses in the above mentioned link will be changed to the applicable CEU type before posting to one’s HRMS/CEU history. NCEES communicates that a completed, self-paced course usually posts to one’s NCEES transcript (not HRMS) within 24 hours. That usually means, 24-business-day-hours, but sometimes it can and has been taking longer, especially if the NCEES course was in the Moodle platform (this is a Moodle issue that they are aware of).  Once it posts to one’s transcript in NCEES, it will then in turn sync to UCPS, where, in-turn, will continue to be processed and posted to one's CEU history in HRMS (intranet only).  This syncing has also been taking longer.
    • If taking any online PD that was not facilitated by UCPS or NCEES, a certificate of completion should be scanned to for further processing. If a completion certificate is not offered or a PDF is not available, please forward the completion email. Some evidence is needed that participation happened. The participant’s name, title of PD event, date of completion, sponsoring company (ex. iReady), and number of completed contact hours are to be clearly noted.
    • If interested in taking free, online courses via NCCAT visit:   
    • An overage in a required CEU-category or if you have accrued CEUs in a non-required category (ex. Literacy for Support Services and HS educators) or in the “Other” column, will be considered “General” without having to be moved from a column/category to a column that actually doesn’t exist—there is no “General” column.  
    • CEU-overages cannot be carried over to the next renewal cycle. They are posted in renewal cycles based on completion date.  If the completion date is during your current renewal cycle, then that is where it will remain.  CEUs can be earned on the new recycle as of 7/1/whatever year you renew.  Example—those renewing this year (by 6/30/2021), cannot begin to earn CEUs for their next renewal cycle until the PD completion date of 7/1/2021.
    • If you have met all of the current CEU requirements, you cannot renew your professional license if it is not your renewal year. 
    • Professional educator’s license renewal information: It is possible you have already received email communication from NCDPI inviting you to log into your account and perform the required actions, which includes: completing applicant questions, completing the attestation statement/question, and payment of the required $35 processing fee. If for some reason you did not receive the email notification, simply log in to your online account and complete the required actions. 

    If you do not remember your password, DO NOT “register a new account”, but please try the following steps in the order listed below: 

    • Go to the NCDPI Online Licensure System website
    • Click “Forgot User ID?”
    • Check your personal email for your User ID
    • Once you have your User ID, return to the NCDPI Online Licensure System and click “Forgot password”
    • Check your personal email for your password
    • Once you have entered your User ID and Password, you should then be prompted to change your password before logging in

    If you continue to have technical issues with logging in, please email for assistance. 

    Once you have completed your action steps, your licensure specialist will then be able to verify that your CEU renewal requirements have been met, and will submit a request to renew your license. Please note that you will be able to access your new digital license by using the NCDPI Online Licensure System once NCDPI has processed the renewal request. 


Professional Learning Updates

Casey Rimmer

Casey Rimmer, Director of Innovation and Ed. Tech

  • Phone:  704-296-3143 or internal extension 6022


    Lisa Thompson 

    Phone: 704-290-1575 or internal extension 7203


    Amy McSheehan, PDC Secretary 

    Phone: 704-290-1515 or internal extension 2119