Staff Development/Professional Development (PD) Overview

  • The purpose of the Staff Development Department is to provide high-quality research-based professional learning opportunities that build the knowledge and skill of educators and lead to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results. The Staff Development Department works collaboratively and serves in an advisory capacity with departments and schools in the district that offer professional learning to properly award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the maintenance of professional licensure of the staff.                                Adapted from Learning Forward


    Union County Public Schools presents 2019-2020 Professional Learning Series:  Save the dates: August 16, 2019; August 23, 2019; September 30, 2019; and February 17, 2020. Watch the Staff Development "Professional Learning Opportunities" link for updates and lists of opportunities. 


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Casey Rimmer

Casey Rimmer, Director of Innovation and Ed. Tech

  • Phone:  704-296-3143 or internal extension 6022


    Blaire Traywick, Arts and Humanities Administrator, CEU Coordinator, Driver Ed Coordinator, PDC Supervisor 

    Phone: 704-290-1526 or internal extension 2009


    Amy McSheehan, PDC Secretary 

    Phone: 704-290-1515 or internal extension 2119