Staff Development/Professional Development (PD) Overview


    The purpose of the Staff Development Department is to provide high-quality research-based professional learning opportunities that build the knowledge and skill of educators and lead to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results. The Staff Development Department works collaboratively and serves in an advisory capacity with departments and schools in the district that offer professional learning to properly award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the maintenance of professional licensure of the staff.                                                           Adapted from Learning Forward



    Due to the current CEU processing volume and the number of ways CEUs were able to be submitted in the past, please submit all applicable CEU documentation (see chart below) in a HARD COPY format, via courier to ‘Blaire Traywick @ PDC’ or 'Amy McSheehan @ PDC'. Please do not submit via Google or email. 


    Type of PD

    Documentation Needed*

    Number of possible CEUs

    College/University Course Transcript 1.5 CEUs/credit hour
    UCPS PD Event Determined by Facilitator 
    Roster submitted by Facilitator
    .1 CEU/1 hour
    UCPS NCEES/TNL Course Determined by Facilitator
    Roster submitted by Facilitator
    .1 CEU/1 hour
    Approved Non-UCPS PD Event** Agenda
    Certificate of completion
    PD Reflection form
    .1 CEU/1 hour
    Non-UCPS NCEES/TNL Course No documentation needed
    Completed courses will sync with and post in HRMS within weeks of completion 
    .1 CEU/1 hour
    Non-College/Non-University Online Course Syllabus 
    Certificate of completion 
    PD Reflection form
    .05 CEU/1 hour
    *Incomplete submissions cannot be processed. Anyone seeking CEUs that attended a professional development course/event must turn in required documentation within 6 weeks of completion (yet, if applicable, before the continuing license expiration date) to receive credit.

    **To register to receive CEUs for a non-UCPS staff development opportunity in Staff Development Manager 2.0, click here for instructions in a document format or here for a video

    CEU-history may be viewed in HRMS (intranet only). Please read: How to check your CEU history in HRMS After reading the information in the previous link, click on hrms ceu bullet  in the list of links on the left side of UCPS's Staff Development webpage.  Please know that your PD transcript in True North Logic/NCEES notes only the PD/courses completed in TNL/NCEES. HRMS is the official record for your CEU history.

    Digital Learning Competencies for School Administrators

    Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers


    Self-paced DLC Credit via NCEES: Click here for more information.   *NCEES categorizes most of their courses as “General”.  The applicable courses that are referenced in the "Click here for more infomation" link will be changed to DLC credit upon completion and before posting to one’s CEU history in HRMS.  


    NC State College of Education Friday Institute: The PLACE (Professional Learning and Collaboration Environment) via MOOC-Ed (Massive Open Online Courses for Educators)--for free!  


    NCCAT Self-paced Online Courses 


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Casey Rimmer

Casey Rimmer, Director of Innovation and Ed. Tech

  • Phone:  704-296-3143 or internal extension 6022


    Blaire Traywick, Arts and Humanities Administrator, CEU Coordinator, Driver Ed Coordinator, PDC Supervisor 

    Phone: 704-290-1526 or internal extension 2009


    Amy McSheehan, PDC Secretary 

    Phone: 704-290-1515 or internal extension 2119