Employee Address / Name Change

  • To submit an address change or request a name change packet, please log into Frontline Central.  On the Navigation bar, click "My Forms" and "Forms I Can Start".  There are forms available to update your contact information, request a name change packet, and update your emergency contact.
    Forms I Can Start

    Important Information:


    After you submit your address change form, please allow up to two business days for the HR and Frontline Central Databases to be updated.

    You will receive a confirmation email from Frontline Central once the changes are processed.

    Finance will import your changes to update your payroll information. 

    If applicable, Finance will also notify the Retirement Systems Division and insurance carriers for any coverage you have elected.
    Please note that name changes will only be processed after a copy of your most recently issued Social Security Card is received in Human Resources.
    For questions regarding employee address/name changes, please email Susan Burgess.