Beginning Teacher Support Program

  • The Beginning Teacher Support Program is a state-mandated three-year induction program designed to support beginning teachers. The program is structured so that the experiences of beginning teachers are positive and focused on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions associated with effective teaching. The support program's platform is aligned with the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, the North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System, and the research-based Beginning Teacher Continuum with targeted support from mentors within the school's Professional Learning Community (PLC). Each school is assigned a highly skilled Beginning Teacher Support Coordinator who aligns resources based on feedback from administrators, BT surveys, partnering stakeholders, and one-on-one and group support sessions with beginning teachers.
    Dr. Lillian G. Rorie, Director of HR Support Services

Beginning Teacher Timetable

  • Year One

  • Year Two

  • Year Three


  • Are you an experienced, highly effective teacher who is interested in mentoring a beginning teacher? 

    Do you have a sense of optimism for teaching; the ability to listen well, the capacity to engage in reflective dialogue that nurtures the independent ability of a beginning teacher to asses and enhance his or her practice; a commitment to continuous professional development; a desire to serve all students equitably regardless of socio-economic status, first language, exceptionality or race; the ability to adapt instructional methods to the individual needs of students; a commitment to collaboration; and the ability to utilize multiple types of assessments of student work and adapt instruction from the analysis of assessment?

    Make the greatest difference by supporting a beginning teacher who will continue to positively impact students for the rest of their lives. Review the UCPS Mentor Application / Agreement.

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