UCPS Bond 2022 - Election Day is Nov. 8

Bond Projects $134,405,000 to replace 2 schools!

  • Union County Public Schools (UCPS) is committed to ensuring that all students receive a quality education in safe and efficient learning environments. 

    On Nov. 8, Union County residents will vote on $134,405,000 in school bonds. This bond package will address aging facilities and replace current buildings for East Elementary and Forest Hills High, schools that were built in the 1950s and 1960s. 

    UCPS has more than $800 million in facility needs to address renovations, upgrades and future planning. The 2022 bond will build on previous investments and provide adequate facilities for students, additional space for academic and athletic programs, expand dining and multi-purpose areas and remove mobile units. 

    With a successful bond, more projects will move up on the priority list for capital needs and future bonds. 

    All schools and communities benefit when we value public schools. District improvements increase safety, support evolving educational practices, modernize aging facilities and directly impact the quality of life in Union County. 

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East Elementary School

  • Approximately $38,592,589 (includes design cost) 

    • The original building is 70 years old.
    • The existing building will be demolished.
    • The new school will be built on the same property.
    • The new school will be a two-story facility.
    • Architectural features include additional Pre-K classrooms, a flexible multi-purpose gym, expanded dining space, collaboration areas, more energy-efficient building, improved safety with more on-site parking.

Forest Hills High School

  • Approximately $95,812,411 (includes design cost)

    • The school is 60 years old.
    • The current building is inadequate for a modern-day high school.
    • The new school will be a two-story facility.
    • Architectural features include a new auditorium, an expanded dining room area, updated teacher workrooms, a modern media center with collaboration space, a multi-purpose auxiliary gym, a new weight room, and new arts and band spaces.
    • All instruction and school-day activities will be in one building.