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Maddie Simpson receives John H. Crowder Award

The John H. Crowder Award was presented to a senior at Parkwood High School during the Jan. 10 Board of Education meeting. Students who receive this award are academically successful and have an established history of community service.

Maddie Simpson is ranked in the top five of her class. She is the type of student who volunteers regularly. Maddie serves as the National Honor Society president and is a member of Beta Club—both service-oriented clubs. In those clubs, she has participated in breakfast events for the community and campus clean-ups, among other things. She has tutored numerous students in calculus, English and other math classes.

Maddie has proven to be a valuable asset when working with others from diverse backgrounds. She has an innate ability to see things from different perspectives. She has spent her life serving others through youth groups, mission trips and coordinating volunteer opportunities in the community. She has a true vision of what one person can accomplish to better the lives and happiness of those near and far.

Maddie is a highly-capable and engaged student. Her dedication to her studies is impressive and her leadership among her peers is unparalleled.