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Central Academy of Technology and Arts teacher is UCPS CTE Teacher of the Year

Scott Bryan, a graphic design teacher at Central Academy of Technology and Arts (CATA), is the recipient of the 2024 UCPS Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher of the Year award. This award honors a CTE teacher who has contributed significantly to innovative and unique career and technical education programs and has shown a professional commitment to their field.

Bryan teaches Adobe Visual Design, Adobe Video Design, Digital Design and Animation 1 and 2, Game Design and Advanced Game Design. He was in his classroom working when his principal, some of his students, colleagues, the superintendent, board of education members and central office administrators surprised him with the news. Everyone cheered as he received his plaque and a $500 check from Corning.

The influence of his parents, both educators in Warsaw, Indiana, where he spent his formative years, led Bryan to pursue a career in education. Switching his major from computer science to education at Ball State University demonstrates his deep appreciation for the field. Through this journey, he has gained invaluable insights that have enriched his understanding of teaching and learning. Bryan has been a teacher at UCPS for 16 years and has taught at CATA for nine years. 

Bryan values innovation and collaboration. He created an arcade club where students designed and programmed an arcade cabinet from scratch. They also formed game production teams and started the esports club, which continues to grow and succeed. 

"Everything we do is for our students," said Bryan. "They are the most important people in the school system. My growth as a teacher is thanks to my students, who are an integral part of the team. I am thankful for everyone's support."

Bryan believes everyone has value and loves helping students see potential in themselves, others and the challenges around them. His teaching style is rooted in the belief that real-life challenges demand real-life solutions. He empowers his students with practical skills and a resilient mindset. 

When describing his role as a teacher, he said, “Each mind is a puzzle, and it is our job to help students navigate them.” 

Director of Career Readiness, Brian Davis, praised Bryan's effectiveness and impressive work with students in game design. 

"CATA offers numerous opportunities, including many instructional pathways and courses available through CTE. We are incredibly proud of Mr. Bryan for being recognized as the UCPS CTE Teacher of the Year," said Principal Kevin Beals. "We are grateful for the thoughtfulness and intentionality he brings to the classroom each day. He is an outstanding educator who puts students first and will represent CATA, UCPS and CTE teachers throughout our district with excellence."

Bryan will go on to compete at the regional level.